Food Revolution Fridays

Given the thumbs up by Jamie Oliver himself and featured in the Globe and Mail, Food Revolution Fridays is a weekly feature here at Notes From the Cookie Jar.

Inspired by Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Season 1, I decided to begin cooking his recipes and featuring one a week, encouraging other bloggers/foodies to do the same and link up together in a type of meme.  Jamie Oliver even pops by every now and then to see what we're up to. For Season 2, I'm back at it-still writing about the latest news around the show, and this year helping Jamie's team host Twitter parties, along with cooking his recipes, which have become staples in my house.

The premise?

Food Revolution Fridays is all about fun, community, and exploring the lost art of sharing a meal with your family, or packing healthy lunches for your kids. No pressure. No judgment. Just encouragement and sharing tips,  because we are all in this together.  Even the healthiest among us can make changes, and this is what it's all about.  Change. Together.   Write about your own healthy eating challenges, how you introduce junior to vegetables, curbing a fast food addiction, growing a garden, trips to the farmer's market, or share recipes.

Breaking bread together is elemental, and THAT is what I want to celebrate here.  We can spread the word that fresh is fast, delicious, and better than anything that is pre-packaged and processed! This includes home made cookies and snacks for lunch boxes because while we want to be healthy, there is nothing wrong with moderation, right?
Read the very first Food Revolution Fridays post. (2010)

Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

I hope you'll join me-together we can make change, starting with something simple.

Like dinner.

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