Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Empty Nest Vacationing, Biker Mama Style

It has been forever, it seems, since that carefree day way back in April 2006 when I wrote about how I longed to get rid of an old TV in our office and my husband had a tendency to hold on to things. Nine years, to be exact.

Nine years isn't long really, but now it feels like a whole lifetime ago, when I was the mom of a kid in grade five and working my way into the business of writing. These days, that nine year old is now closing in on twenty and has since moved out. I'm finding myself in a house that no longer has the pitter patter of other people's feet, and adjusting to being an empty nester is really strange.

Some time back in March when I was working something like 60 hours a week at four (yes! FOUR!) different jobs, I lay in bed on my only day off after working something crazy like 16 days in a row and declared that I was going on a vacation this summer. Some place where I wasn't required to cook or clean, that I didn't have to write, supervise children, or do anything work related. Eventually John and I pulled out all the vacation planning things, and soon we mapped out a trip via motorcycle to Calgary. In all honesty at first it was to Oregon but the Canadian dollar kind of lost steam and we didn't want to pay that much, so Alberta it was!

Empty nesting vacationing is totally different from road tripping with kids, let me tell you.  I'm not going to tell you all about it now, though, just wait! Exactly like when I used to write about road trips back when I had  a kid with me, this time I'm going to tell you what it was like taking a motorcycle to Calgary and back-where we stayed, what we ate, the funny things that happened along the way, and more.

There's nothing boring here- tornadoes and severe thunderstorms were involved, and we DID see one (or both) of them up close and personal-like. You're going to have to follow along to find out.

Were we all food revolutionary and healthy, like in our past road trips? No. You can't haul food on a motorcycle, and sometimes you just have to eat at whatever place presents itself. So that's exactly what we did, with some really interesting results.

Keep an eye out for the next posts! First stop, Three Valley Gap, BC.

The bike!

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