Saturday, November 01, 2014

Stream Into 2015 With the Cookie Jar

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Years ago when Kevin was three, we took him to see Tarzan as his first movie ever. Perched in his little booster seat with popcorn in hand, I was the proud Mama-first movie experience! First Disney! How cute!

All was fantastic until the scene where baboons stream from the trees and chase Jane. At that point he emited a horrified scream, launched himself from the booster seat, and wrapped his little body around my head. See, Kevin has always had sensory sensitivities to noise and lights, so movies were always overwhelming. He cried during Winnie the Pooh, was hysterical in Toy Story 2, and finally I gave up on movies altogether until he was a lot older. Now that he's 19, we still joke about "trauma by Disney" and the fact that I unknowingly scared the bejeebes out of him when he was little.

Still, with two people in my house who aren't fans of the theater, we don't get out much-but we still love to watch some good movies. What's our solution? Every year during the Christmas holidays we'd load ourselves up with about 10 videos and spend Christmas Eve through Boxing Day watching old favourites or catching up on the great ones we hadn't seen yet. I put out a big spread of nibbly appetizers, and we snuggle under warm blankets in the light of our tree with a good movie.


Technology has changed over the years and when we moved to Chilliwack we signed up with Optik TV, but then we had no VCR and didn't always like the movies offered by Telus. $5 per movie seemed a bit expensive, too. Everyone streams movies now, we were told, but we never did really get on board until I signed up to join #streaminto2015 with Staples. We were given the Roku 3 streaming box and finally hooked ourselves up to Netflix.


It feels like we were the last people on the planet, really.

Setting up the box was actually pretty easy and while I first I admit we were tempted to solicit our in house tech support (aka the nearly 19 year old) to get it going, I decided to do it myself. A few minutes later we were up and running, and before you know it we were sitting and watching "Star Trek: Into Darkness." Yes, We're Star Trek fans!

The more I talk about #streaminto2015 this month, you're going to see that we love adventure, sci-fi, fantasy movies and the occasional romantic comedy. Over the holidays our movies choices are always fun, light fare; Pirates of the Caribbean, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, and Harry Potter have been many of our favourites. We'll be exploring all kinds of movies this month, catching up on what we've missed, and on Nov 28th we'll announce our Ultimate Holiday Movie as well as giving away a Roku 3 for a lucky reader to enjoy over the holidays too! Get ready for some movie snack recipes over at Chasing Tomatoes as I share what my family often nibbles when we have a movie night in.

So, help me out movie lovers-what's YOUR favourite holiday movie? I'm a little out of the loop. Comment or tweet me at @scatteredmom with your suggestions!

Disclosure: I was given a Roku streaming box (valued at $100) with a bunch of snacks (popcorn, Cadbury chocolate coated cookies, hot chocolate) to write about our experience with the product. Since my family watches films every holiday anyway, this worked well for us. We signed up for Netflix and paid for it ourselves. I also be giving away a Roku. I haven't received, nor will I receive, any other compensation.

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