Thursday, September 11, 2014


Sometimes, writing takes you by surprise-the thoughts are rolling around in your head, you type them out or scratch them onto paper, publish, and walk away. As they sink in, enveloping your heart with all the emotion and resolve that went into that piece, things become really clear and you can't ignore them any longer.

Usually that happens to me late at night when I'm either drifting off to sleep or about to-and last night, that's exactly what happened.

I miss this place. is all shiny but it's not home. Even the name scatteredmom seems like it doesn't fit anymore. I'm a mom, yes. I'm not a mom blogger. My kid is practically an adult. I don't fit in the world of school days and extra curricular activities, packing lunches and finding the right gear for my kids. I love the Fraser Valley, but I don't have time to always seek places out. I want to write about what I love, not be stuck in a niche that holds me in. While it was a great attempt, I'm not sure is really me.

We've dealt with a lot of changes over the years. There's been a lot of moves to new towns, big houses and little, places by the ocean and in the city. There's been foster kids, one kid, and now soon there will be no kids. There has been one thing, through it all, that has been a constant which is what has pulled me back to this blog.

My cookie jar. For me, It symbolizes my family and home more than anything.

Well, truthfully it's not a jar. It's a tupperware. I've tried for years to find the perfect cookie jar and haven't been successful yet. The point is, throughout all these changes, my kitchen has always been the central theme of our family; no matter how big or small, there has always been cookies. The recipes may have evolved over the years, but they are still churned out, once a week. When I visit people, I often bring cookies-just ask some of the ladies at Telus when I met them downtown this summer!

This place is me. It's my family. For awhile there, I lost myself and some will say that closing this place down, half starting another blog, and then not really working on that has killed my traffic and future as a blogger. You know what? I don't care. I started here years ago for me, writing because it made my soul sing, and everything else was gravy. What followed was more than my wildest dreams, and if that's all that ever happens to me again in the world of blogging, I'm good with that.

Where am I going now? Well, I'm going back to old school writing. Sure, some say blogging is dead and that's fine. I'm not doing it to be published or have recognition from anyone. I've done that. I'm writing because this place is home, and you're invited to follow along.  There will be food, yes. Snippets of where we go and the Fraser Valley. Things I love. Bits of family life while John and I figure out empty nesting, and the adjustment to when your kid is an adult.

So. Let's dust this place off, shall we? Here's to cookies, family, and being home again.

(ps: please let me know if anything isn't working, I haven't looked around here for a long time and may not catch all the bugs if there are any. I'm going to be going through posts, cleaning stuff up and dusting it off, but you can expect this place to be back in action.)

chocolate meringue cookies

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