Friday, September 12, 2014

20 Things

So if I'm to go back to blogging old school, and I've been away for all this time, we have some catching up to do. Things have changed-even I've changed a little. Want to know what's up in the Cookie Jar? How about an old fashioned list?

1. Kevin was 10 when I started blogging. He turns 19 in December. This is slightly strange for me, adjusting to the fact that my kid isn't really a kid anymore. He's nearly 6' tall and eats non stop. The thing with having a kid this age is I found myself no longer doing all the kid friendly things I pulled together when he was young. For instance, Halloween now consists of me shutting off the outdoor lights, buying a box of candy for us to consume, and we watch a movie together.
I admit, it was fun while it lasted but I'm enjoying being finished, too. Did I mention we were thrilled that he was finally done with school?


2. We live in the eastern Fraser Valley, which is about 1 1/2 hrs out of Vancouver. There's a lot of farms out here. I can drive down the road and buy cheese or pork right at the farm gate, or even apples and hazelnuts. There's a duck farm not far from my house where I can pick up duck eggs. This place is a food lover's dream. Fresh and local takes on a whole new meaning when it's grown just down the road-or an elementary school has a corn field right across the street.

Cows in Yarrow

3. The trade off for all that great local food is that Chilliwack sometimes smells like manure. I'm okay with this, but people who don't live here complain.  I figure it's better than sniffing fumes from a pulp mill.

4. My kitchen is awesome, and I don't cook nearly as much. Weird, huh? There's a few reasons, the largest being that I don't have a job creating 5 recipes a week anymore. I absolutely burned myself out there for quite a long time. These days I take it easy; I don't even bake much, but then my family whines that they are missing some tasty treat and I whip it up for them. Even then I haven't delved into anything too complicated, and have gone back and re-made old favourites.


5.  We still do family walks, just maybe a little less often and Kevin doesn't always come with us. There's lots of outdoor spaces around here to walk; the big challenge is having us all home at once! We're busier than ever, and sometimes I barely even see John for a few days.

6. Our favourite coffee spot in Chilliwack is Starbucks. John likes True North Blend, I love Verona and Pike Place, Kevin adores Komodo Dragon. We spend more time there than I should really admit.

Is is me, or do we look highly caffeinated here?

7. My favourite fancy coffee drink is a toss up between the cinnamon dolce latte and caramel macchiato. I love them both.

raspberries 3
Raspberries fresh picked from Mann Farms

8. Grocery shopping here has so many options compared to the Sunshine Coast that there are stores I've never set foot in. Between farms, country markets and big box stores, our options are endless. The first time Kevin and I walked into Superstore we just wandered around in awe at the sheer size of the place. 

9.  In the fall, huge flocks of Canadian geese fly over our house at dusk on their way to Cultus Lake. You can hear them honking inside, even with the doors closed.

10. I'm not used to the traffic here yet, but I think I've accepted that it's part of being here. There's also the people who ride a skateboard in the middle of the night down the middle of the road, or their scooters in weird places, and those who text and drive. The very best time to get anywhere in Chilliwack is before 5:30 am, strangely enough.

11. I ate an A&W hamburger this summer and I actually liked it so much I saved the coupons in our newspaper. Who am I?

12. I miss Stewart's lime soda and have searched all over Chilliwack for it with no luck.

13.  I haven't actually wandered around Cultus Lake yet and we've lived about 10 minutes away from it for 2 years. In the summer it's crazy busy for parking, so we just haven't gone. Perhaps I should, I hear it's nice.

Powerhouse at Stave Lake
The powerhouse at Stave Lake was interesting

14.  When we're looking for something to do, we get on the bike and take the back roads into Fort Langley past farms and country-like spaces. The BC Hydro powerhouse at Stave Lake is a great place for a walk and we enjoyed a fun tour. We also have gone to the fort a few times, and then walk around the village. There's loads of great places to ride around on the motorcycle, but we love wandering around the backroads in the valley, heading up the Fraser Canyon, or going to Manning Park.
Taken from the back of our motorcycle!

15. I can go to Costco and still buy under $60 worth of stuff. Mostly I buy baking stuff there like flour, cocoa, sugar, and butter. I go with a list and rarely leave with anything extra.

16. When we first moved here I almost convinced John that I needed a cat, but he held out until I changed my mind and decided that I didn't want to clean up after a pet after all.

17. I'm going to be a mother in law next June when John's daughter gets married. Her fiance is the same age as me!

18. Our house has 3 bathrooms. If you know how much I loathe cleaning bathrooms, you'll understand how this makes me feel. I make Kevin clean some now so it's okay.

19. After we moved to a place with a kick ass movie theater, both my guys announced they don't like going to movies. We've been there once. I'm going to have to find friends to go with from now on.

20. There's so many new things to do and places to go here, we've barely scratched the surface. I'm so lucky to have great friends to hang out with and explore-we have a grand time checking out places here and there, be it food or just fun. Everyone is happy, healthy, and we're doing awesome.

Which is the whole point, right? I think we've found our groove again and that, more than anything, makes me happiest.

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