Monday, November 04, 2013

How to Get Your Teen to Clean Their Room

Our house has this downstairs room that really was the deciding factor when we bought it (besides the kitchen, of course) which Kevin has turned into his own personal little tech office, or 'man cave', as we've come to call it. In the last year he has turned it into a little business of his own and spends a lot of time down there doing site design, web security, and more.  Filled with all kinds of computer equipment, it's often not quite in the state I'd like it to be and after months of nagging, I decided to speak in a language that I thought he'd understand better. He is, after all, nearly an adult and was asking if he could turn that space into a full on office for a business he's launching. So, if you want to be treated like the CEO of a company, here's what you get when you are lacking in your housekeeping skills.

Dear Tenant:

Re: inspection on October 26, 2013

The state of the space I am allowing your business to occupy rent free was unacceptable. To be clear, my expectations for how said space will be kept is as follows: 

-all garbage will be placed in a garbage can and emptied weekly. No food garbage

-there will be no garbage and items loose on the floor.

-there will be no dirty clothes or dishes

-the bathroom will be cleaned on a weekly basis: toilet scrubbed, floor swiffered, mirror  and sink cleaned

-surfaces, including baseboards, space heaters, and windowsills will be wiped occasionally so they are free of dust and dirt

-carpet will be vacuumed weekly. 

You appear to be having difficulty keeping this space in a state that is acceptable. As a result, I have decided to conduct weekly inspections as opposed to bi-monthly. There has been some improvement, but not enough. My inspections will occur each Saturday at 3pm. If the room has not been cleaned, your business will be shut down as I call in a cleaning lady, at the charge of $30 an hour. (payable by you, of course)

If you continually fail to keep the space in a state as per the above requirements, I will have to consider eviction. However, if you have questions regarding how to clean anything in your space, the cleaning lady will be happy to help you free of charge. She will give you a tutorial, and after that you are responsible for the space yourself. 

Have a good weekend, 

Your landlord (otherwise known as YOUR MOM)

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