Saturday, November 02, 2013

Back For National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo)


On my way to work every morning, I pass a large farm. The field was once waving with stalks of corn back in the late summer, but those have long since been cut and plowed under. You can see a barn, silo, and the mountains in the distance. In the mornings, often fog is hanging low to the ground, giving the scene an ethereal look, especially if the sun is hitting things at the right angle. It's quite beautiful, really.

Every morning when I pass that farm, I think of stopping and taking a picture, and every morning, I've reminded myself I don't have a blog. Or at least, one that I have really written on. The same thing happened all summer on every motorcycle ride we took out to the mountains, winding our way up to Cache Creek or over to Manning Park. The photo above is along the highway in Agassiz, BC.  I'd see beautiful things that I'd want to share, but none of it ever seemed to fit where I was actually writing. I'm not all about food, you see. There's a lot more to me than recipes and what I ate for dinner, and yet I felt like that's the only thing I confined myself to.

summer days
Summer days were all about the motorcycle and Starbucks

The last few months after I closed this space I've tried to find where I fit, and the truth is, I don't feel like I fit anywhere. I've been untethered, floating between this space and that, at times hating social media and never quite finding it the same as I used to. I love writing about food, yes-but there is so much more to me than that, and the entire reason why I began blogging in the first place really had nothing to do with food.

The truth is, I have missed writing. Not writing recipes or how to do something in the kitchen, pitching products or marketing, but real, soulful writing, which is what always gave me joy and for awhile there, I thought I had completely lost. Lately I've had piece after piece rolling in my head with no place to put them down and they've been like little thorns in my shoe-pricking and niggling, leaving me restless and irritable. I need to write-and about more than how to bake cookies, mind you.

When I first began blogging I tried to do NaBloPoMo, but the universe intervened and ruined my plans. Twice the power went out, another year something else happened, and I swore off of it ever after. Novembers would come and go, and I'd stubbornly declare that I do NOT participate because dammit, the universe didn't like me. Why tempt fate?

Until this year, of course. To rid myself of those niggling little thorns, or perhaps I just miss writing for me (and nobody else), Notes From the Cookie Jar is back for the month of November.

Life is finally normal again. I am really, truly, happy once more. For the next 30 days, I plan to share it with you. I want to flex those writing muscles again.

Will it continue after that? I'm not sure. Let's just get through November and see, shall we?

on the bike

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