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The Delta Bessborough, Saskatoon (A Review!)

delta bessburough

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to stay in the Delta Bessborough hotel in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. In the interest of true disclosure I want to let you know that I was a guest of the Saskatchewan Pulse Farmers there for three nights, but I enjoyed the hotel so much that I wanted to share more about the property with readers in case anyone was traveling to Saskatoon this summer. I was not asked to write about the Bessborough, nor compensated to do so. I am writing because I loved the hotel, and I think you would too.

The Delta Bessborough is located in downtown Saskatoon, nestled among 5 acres of gardens along the Saskatchewan river. Built in the 1930s, this spectacular Four Diamond hotel has recently undergone a 6.5 million dollar renovation to upgrade the rooms. The beautiful architecture, service and location makes it a fantastic spot to stay when you are in Saskatoon.

First of all, here's what my room looked like. I was on the 2nd floor, looking out over the gardens where the Saskatoon Jazz Festival stage was directly below.

Room at the Delta Bessborough

What I really loved was the full sized pillows. I hate teeny pillows. The bed was very comfortable!  Everything was absolutely spotless. What you can't see what a nicely sized desk with a power bar complete with all sorts of usb ports and charging spots to plug in everything from my smart phone to my ipod, a laptop or more.

The room was efficient. A little on the smaller size, compared to some, but clever touches such as having the fridge tucked away and the coffeemaker in the closet were good space saving ideas.

One thing that I almost never do when I'm away is order room service, but the first morning I was in Saskatoon it was raining so hard, and I didn't want to walk around in a strange city trying to find breakfast, so I ordered breakfast. The first morning I had eggs benedict, and the second morning my choice was yogurt, granola, and fruit.

Yogurt, fruit, granola, toast, and coffee. What a great way to start the day!

The food was tasty, and the coffee some of the best hotel coffee I've ever drank. It helped that the coffee was Starbucks and came in a good sized carafe. Service was cheerful and efficient. I was really grateful for room service those two mornings, and was delighted that even when I tweeted the Bessborough about how much I enjoyed the breakfast, they answered!


The bathroom in my room was fairly tiny but had nice fixtures and did the job. I especially liked the Philosophy amenities. The hair dryer worked well, and the towels were fluffy. It was spotlessly clean, too!

I walked the grounds around the Bessborough, taking in the gazebos and fountains, views of the river and paddle boats going by. There is a mall and a few Starbucks locations nearby, as well as a movie theatre and restaurants. Probably the most major draw during the time I was there was the Saskatoon Jazz festival, which had Colin James, Metric, and Ziggy Marley playing. If you were there for the Jazz festival the Bessborough was the place to be, but if you were looking for a quiet space to re-charge, I think the noise from the festival may have been a little much. I literally could look out my window and watch the shows I didn't have tickets to. There was no sleeping early the first night because it was so loud, but by the last night, I was so tired that I literally dozed off right through Ziggy Marley reverberating off the hotel walls.


A gazebo on the grounds was a perfect spot for a young girl to get her prom photos taken.


The weather was a little unsettled while I was in Saskatoon, but it cleared up enough for me to walk along the river.

Overall, I'd highly recommend the Bessborough as a place to stay while you are in Saskatoon. I really enjoyed my stay and I can tell you, if I'm ever back in Saskatoon it will be the first place I look into.

Thank you so much to both the Bessborough for making my stay such a great one, and the Saskatchewan Pulse Farmers for inviting me! 

Why was I in Saskatoon? That's coming very, very soon! Let's just say it involves lentils, Chef Michael Smith, a farmer's market, and some lucky bastards. Stay tuned!

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