Sunday, May 05, 2013

Sunday Awesome #3 & 4

I really enjoy Sundays. John and I often sit on the couch until around noon, sipping coffee while he watches "Holmes on Homes" and I write on a laptop. I'm not really a TV person, but I don't mind listening while I type. In the afternoons we trek out into the Valley, often stopping at farms or going for a walk and then picking up coffee. I putter through the kitchen, baking cookies and getting things ready for the week.

These days, since John is home during the weekends, I tend to cook more while he's here and less while he's away. It seems backwards to me compared to how we used to do things, but it works. I actually forgot to post my awesome list last week, so THIS week you get TEN awesome things unlike the usual five.

Double the awesome! Awesome squared! Or something like that.

1. Planning a weekend getaway with friends

In the last year, I have learned to appreciate my friends so much more. I'm not able to go to Blogher or Blissdom this year and neither are some of my friends, so THIS has me ridiculously excited. I will be counting the days until our weekend for the next few months. Can I squee? Swanky hotel, really great food, and loads of friends? I'm so in.

2.  Farm fresh honey

Yesterday we trekked out to Honeyview farm and picked up a jar of their blackberry blossom honey for toast, and then a little jar of garlic and ginger infused honey. I'm thinking it would be great in a dip or brushing over chicken. Farm fresh honey is really thick and delicious-probably the best I've ever tried.

3. No processed sugar zone

I'm not sure if this is really awesome, but I put myself on a 30 day no sugar challenge, starting today with my friend Alexis. I wanted to see if it's something I could do, because I know that sugar is the one habit I'm not sure I could break. I'm still allowed sugar in my coffee, but that's about it.

Ever try baking for a food blog and your family and not eating ANY? Me neither. This is going to be interesting.  (by the way, the honey will be okay because it's natural and I barely eat honey anyway)

4. I'm a Real Woman. Of Philadelphia, that is.

Don't worry, I'm totally not dramatic enough to be in a Real Housewives show (or rich enough), but I DID
partner up with Philadelphia cream cheese and am working as an ambassador for 2013! It's all very exciting. You're going to see posts, recipes, and all kinds of things from me over here as well as on Notes From the Cookie Jar and at Chasing Tomatoes.

5. I have a new blog at Yummy Mummy Club!

No longer just writing recipes, I am set to have my own blog at YMC so you'll see all my stuff in one place! I am so excited to be writing at Fresh & Fearless Food, where I'll be talking lots about farms, fresh food and how to be fearless in your kitchen! Upcoming recipes are going to be rhubarb platz, a BBQ chipolte chicken wrap with bacon avocado salsa, and coconut mango pancakes.  I'll post the link when it's live but YMC is working on it at the moment and it's not up yet.

6. Summer is totally coming

Hot weather hit the Fraser Valley this week, with temperatures going up to 30 C!  John and I pulled the bike out of the garage on Saturday and went for a ride up the Fraser Canyon to Cache Creek. If you've never driven the Fraser Canyon, you should-it's so beautiful! We wound by the Fraser river, had lunch in Cache Creek, and even saw bighorn sheep hanging out by the highway.

7. Flats of strawberries

You know spring is here when I start making jam. I have a half flat of strawberries in my fridge, ready to be made into strawberry rhubarb jam! I also discovered a local strawberry farm not far from my house were we can go and pick our own in June. I'm so excited!

8. Close Canada Geese encounters

On Vedder Road in the middle of Chillwack, there is a waterfowl crossing sign. Every year, Canadian geese nest in the area and when the goslings hatch, they hang out in the park and eventually try to cross the road. I've been watching the geese with their goslings wandering around the park every day on my way to work,  wondering when they will try to make a break for the nearby pond. I've been planning to try to get a photo of them. Let's see if I do without getting bit!

9. I'm cooking less and enjoying more

Now this may seem weird to some of you, who are used to me cooking all the time. For awhile I was. In fact, for a time I was madly churning out what felt like a gazillion recipes. Then I kind of became burned out and started to lose the joy of being in my kitchen. I didn't create anymore. These days, I'm getting creative again and re-discovering the joy of just coming up with something to eat from what I have around here.

I love that.

10. A low fat and really tasty chocolate "milkshake"

I love milkshakes, but I don't like the calories in them. I also didn't want to buy ice cream this week, as it was almost $8 a carton. So instead, I bought some kick ass chocolate milk and blended it up with frozen banana. Oooooo..... yummy. Try it. You'll thank me later.

AND, before you give me the "But what about that sugar thing?"  Um...ya. All things in moderation. I needed chocolate. I did manage to stay away from any treats all week, which was a feat!

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