Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Awesome List #1

I've flirted with lists like Grace In Small Things here and there, and when Anne was sick we came up with Awesome Lists, which I did for awhile. Then for awhile I started posting it only on Twitter, and finally stopped.

Well, The Awesome list is back every Sunday now here in the Cookie Jar, starting with today because Sunday really is awesome, isn't it? (Edited to add:  I am writing these now for me, and for YOU, because every now and then we needed to be reminded of the awesome things in life. )

1. Yesterday we went to Port Moody to get John's motorcycle out of storage. You should have seen my husband, people. His eyes were shining, there was a bounce in his step, you would've thought he had a new girlfriend. He is completely stoked to have the bike back, and the best part is we don't have to worry about taking a ferry every time we want to ride it. Also, despite our tiny garage, we can fit the bike AND my car in there and still have room. After I published here, we went out on a ride to Hope and meandered back through the valley. Rolling green fields, barns, snow capped mountains.. oh it was gorgeous. I'm going to have to take pictures next time.

2.  On Friday I trekked way out into the middle of the Fraser Valley to a farm that is selling a bunch of free range chickens for only $10 each. It felt like it was way out in the middle of nowhere, and I honestly thought I'd get lost out there, but I came back with two 4 lb chickens ready to be roasted up. They are now waiting in my freezer for when I need to make something. I've never had farm fresh chicken before. This should be interesting!

3.  A friend gifted me with the most beautiful boots and shoes that she couldn't wear anymore. They are all like new and fit me perfectly. I was sad for her to have to give up such nice footwear but ohmygoodness, I'm loving them SO MUCH. Add to that the fact that I've coveted boots for ages but never got around to buying some and I'm so grateful.

4.  Kevin is doing amazingly well. So much so that when asked to rate his new school on a scale of 1-5, he chirps, "TEN!". Online school was great at the time when he needed it, but he loves being in classes with new people, at a facility that has more courses than he dreamed possible. With all these new friends and courses he's enjoying, he's been a happy guy.  He's looking for a summer job and has found a few leads that are promising, so things are really on track for him.

5. This may sound strange, but I'm very grateful for my mental health. For awhile there last year and in the beginning of this one, I teetered dangerously close on the brink of having a complete breakdown. You never know how you're going to get through things like family illness and death, or having everything thrown at you at once. While outwardly I appeared to be handling it, inwardly I wasn't and was just really, really good at faking it. I had kept myself busy so I couldn't think - in fact, I so busy that when everything fell apart last August, I had no idea how I could keep up anymore and suddenly realized that I actually couldn't. I was just too stubborn to make myself stop and say no.

Honestly, everything from last July to this January is a complete blur. I'm so not good at asking for help.

I'm better, now. Life has settled into a predictable, and really comfortable routine. Nobody needs me anymore because they are doing well. I am able, for the first time in two years, to look after me. While I'm a little bumped and bruised, with scars that likely will never heal, I'm okay.

And THAT is awesome.

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