Monday, April 22, 2013

Sunday Awesome #2

Sure, I know it's Monday, but what's so nice about the Sunday Awesome is that I am scattered and can post it when I want. Right?

I'm sticking to that.

cherry blossoms

1. Cherry Blossoms!

A few weeks ago someone told me to get out and take photos of the huge trees covered in blossoms in our neighbourhood before they were gone. I didn't and before you know it, soon all the petals were on the ground. Luck was with me on Sunday though as I strolled to the store and saw these trees just down the road. Normally I would've driven and likely missed them, but John accidentally left the house with his car keys in his pocket.  Oops!

Blue sky, warm breezes, and these pretty flowers made it all worth it.

2. New Cookbooks

In the last few weeks 4 beautiful new books and the latest Bon Appetit magazine arrived at my door. Two I ordered for my birthday and were ones that I had always coveted when I visited Anne, so they not only remind me of Friday coffee dates and her, but hold recipes that she actually made for me. The others are Gordon Ramsay's latest and Gwyneth Paltrow's new book. I'm not so much a fan of Gwyneth's but I am really enjoying Gordon Ramsay's.

New cookbooks always inspire me to cook, and to have two of Anne's favourites make me happy.

3.  Hot Showers!

This week I only had a cold shower twice. Kevin is learning how long he can shower before he uses all the hot water and Mom gets upset. I'm going to resort to turning the hot water on downstairs when he goes past 10 minutes, now. Brrr! It's that or shower first and use the hot water up before he gets there. Suggestions?

4. Lemon Curd.

I made lemon curd this weekend with a bag of Meyer lemons. It's something that I could literally eat straight from the jar, spoonful by spoonful. I have 3 jars in my fridge now, all ready to be slathered on crepes, scones, or spooned over plain yogurt.

5. Not ALL  my houseplants are dead. Just most of them.

Our move was hard on the houseplants. Most of them died, except for the aloe vera, which is strangely thriving. I have a few other cactus like plants that also seem good, but everything else? Dead. The herbs on my porch are doing well though, and I also have some gynormous plant pots Anne gave me that I want to fill with something, although I'm not sure what.  Herbs? Flowers? Tomatoes? Or how about a nice tree? Whatever it is, I want to make sure what I plant, lives.

What is awesome in your corner of the world?

PS.. I am participating in a 30 day blog challenge, so you are going to get to know all sorts of deep, dark secrets about me. Look for it on Wednesday!

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