Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happiness is a Toaster That Works

 John has always loved his toast. While I can change up what I eat for breakfast now and then without any real stress coming from it, John has never wavered from his usual breakfast in the entire twenty years we've been married:

Whole wheat toast with margarine and honey. Not whole wheat toast with sesame seeds (which I love) or white toast, no raisin bread or any other change. Ever. Even when we've been on vacation deep in southern New Mexico, he still somehow found toast and honey.

Our toaster for the past 8 years has been some no name brand from Home Depot that we picked up when we moved to Sechelt back in 2005, and we have always hated it. The thing toasted unevenly to the point where we had to move the bread around every few minutes, or we'd end up with some places burned and others completely untoasted.  I don't know about you but when I'm half asleep, this is too much work.

I've often said that I'm the kind of person who uses something until it dies, and this toaster was proof; for the past 8 years we cursed at that appliance every morning.

Push down the lever. Wait about 2 minutes. Pop. Turn the bread. Curse. Push the lever down again. Repeat about 5 times until the bread is toasted. Don't get distracted or one side is burned and the other toasted in random spots. Curse some more.

Then a couple of weeks ago, a piece of the toaster literally fell off.

"Um... honey? I think the toaster broke." John held up a small metal piece and looked at it closely. "I'll see if I can fix it."

You know, because that's what my man does. He fixes everything, even the toaster that we've hated with a fiery passion for the past 8 years, mostly because we're too lazy and cheap to just go buy another toaster. We continued to use one side of that 4 slice appliance, just ignoring the broken side because seriously, we don't need it anyway, right?

Honestly I was just far too lazy to go find another toaster. Period.

Until suddenly, the good folks at Kenwood appliances came to my rescue. Now before you go all "Dammit this post is sponsored she's gotten us to read this and now I'm pissed off", know that I wasn't paid a thing to write this. I wasn't even asked to write this. I was simply sent a toaster.  I hadn't even heard of Kenwood appliances until the toaster arrived at my door.

Kenwood K-9 Toaster

I admit, I did a little dance. The retro look of this toaster is cute. It's shiny, too. Which can be a problem with scratches and keeping it really clean, but I don't have little kids so it's okay. Best of all, this toaster WORKS. The bread gets evenly toasted, and if I want to look at it to see the progress, I can lift it up, take a peek, and put it back in the toaster without having to click anything off. There's no fancy gadgetry which I like because I want things simple. John loves it. In fact, he loves the toaster so much that instead of cursing at the toaster every morning, he now serenades it.

I wonder what he'd do if I bought this really cute red kettle to go with it?

Thank you so much to the folks at Kenwood for this great toaster. My family absolutely loves it. I was not paid, nor asked to write this post. I was given a free toaster with no obligation, and my opinion is completely my own. This particular toaster happened to be EXACTLY what I was looking for.

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