Monday, April 29, 2013

30 Days of Blogging: Peek in the Purse

"What's in your purse?" 

At one time, I had a massive purse but through the years, I've paired things down. Two years ago before I went to Blogher 11, I found a very cute little black leather purse that is just the right size for when I'm on the motorcycle. I can tuck it in under my jacket, and it has just enough room for the absolute essentials. 

I hate lugging a lot of stuff around so my purse is tiny and sweet, just compact enough to carry only what I really need. I love it and use it all the time. 

1. Moody Bee lip balm: I use it more than lipstick, especially when my lips are dry or chapped. There's some lipstick, too.

2. a compact brush: I got this thing from a Yummy Mummy Club party when I went to Blissdom 11, and it is AWESOME. I tuck it into my pocket when I'm on the bike, and it's a perfect fit for my purse, too. 

3. a puzzle piece: when we moved, I found this tucked under the couch and put it in my purse. I have yet to find the puzzle to put it back.

4. An earring: Kevin bought me these in grade 6 from a friend who made jewelry. I'm not sure why one is in the purse-but I like them and still wear them. 

5. Cards, cards, and more cards: ID, credit/debit, and member cards to everything from Costco to Save on Foods, a few gift cards to Mucho Burrito, an Ambassador pass to Fort Langley Historical Site, and a frequent bread buyer card from Cobs.

5. some coverup for makeup emergencies: I got this TWO years ago and I still haven't used it all, but it works well so I'm still using it.

6. A pen! (I always have one for emergencies) 

7. bandaids: I'm a Mom-you ALWAYS need bandaids, even when they are older

8. Mints: I'm a little obsessive about having mints. I drink coffee a lot, which gives you nasty breath. The worst thing when you work with kids is having one announce, loudly, that your breath stinks

9. Money: not much, but usually I have at least a quarter and a looney to put in carts when I'm shopping. 

10. a hair tie: having longer hair, I try to carry one in my purse all the time in case I need one. I've used it quite a lot, especially if I'm at work and we're cooking or something.

What is essential in YOUR purse? Anything unusual? 

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