Sunday, December 02, 2012

The Perks of Flying Solo

Since we've moved to the Fraser Valley, John has been commuting from the Sunshine Coast home on weekends. Living apart isn't something new to us; each time we've moved in the last 17 years, we've had a period where we've had to live apart for at least 6 months.  

I hate living solo during the week and as a family on weekends. Your daily rhythm is thrown off, I miss him horribly, and things get missed when each of us assumes that the other took care of something. When he comes home we try to pack a week's worth of conversation into 2 days, and it often results in some misunderstandings.  Also, forget my cooking only 4 days a week and expecting them to fend for themselves on the weekends routine!  John comes home and understandably wants a home cooked meal, since he's been living on sandwiches all week.

Despite all of this, there are a few perks to solo living.  Not many, but a few!

1. The remote for the TV is ALL MINE

Usually John gets control of the TV without question. I'm not one who even really likes TV so I don't care, but this way (and with my newfound love of PVR), I get to record all the shows I like, such as Gilmore girls, Jamie Oliver on Food Network, and Once Upon a Time, and watch them at my leisure.  No longer am I waiting until he dozes off, then plotting to steal the remote so that we don't have to watch yet another re-run of ghost hunters.

Added Bonus: no sitting on the couch trying not to look up because he's watching some really horrible horror movie that's got body parts flying around on screen.

2. Sushi, for the WIN!

Steak? Indian? What about Chinese? There's lots of things Kevin and I love to eat that John won't touch, so I don't make them often. With John away, Kevin and I indulge in all the dishes that we love and John won't eat. Although the downside is we always have lots of leftovers,and only two of us. I'm even more grateful for my teenager's incredible appetite.

3. I can use all the covers

I'm a blanket hog.  I've always been.  With the bed to myself, I can use all the blankets and spread out as much as I want, guilt free. John likes the window open, so fresh air and the sounds of the cars roaring by on the nearby road keep me awake.  I slam that puppy closed, draw the blinds, pile the bed with more blankets, and use as much space as I want.

4. The house is cleaner

This is a weird side effect.  The house isn't cleaner because John is messy, but because *I* am cleaner when he's gone. Maybe it's because I have nobody to talk to, or that I feel like I have a lot of free time, but I put everything away all the time and never lose my keys.  I say it's because when he's home, I want to just hang out with him rather than clean.

Or, at least what I'm sticking to. It's still all me. Weird.

5. Nobody around to judge me 

I totally stole that from @schmutzie, after I saw this tweet.

Oh, let's face it. We all have guilty pleasures that we curb when even our spouse is around. Without John here I have no difficulty indulging myself more. I have enjoyed glasses of wine, more chocolate, trashy TV, and more.  Which can be a good thing and nothing to worry about but after awhile, when the jeans are a little tighter than before I realize that perhaps the indulging should be maybe a little less often.

This list kinda makes being at home solo sound like it's a treat and maybe it is, for a night or two. Months on end, not so much.  Personally I'd rather have John around to talk to and laugh with than control of the TV or the blankets to myself.  You can't have it all, right?

Maybe I can work on the keeping the house cleaner thing, though.

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