Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Recipe Tuesday: Lemon and Olive Chicken Tagine

Since we moved, my pantry is a little bit of a mishmash.  There are loads of things that I tossed when I went through and cleaned things out, but still, hidden away, are bits and pieces of things that Anne had given me, and when I find them they always make me smile.  Some time last fall, she had gifted me with this beautiful jar of preserved lemons.

Preserved Lemons

"It's really a perfect gift," she mused.  "Simple, something you can use, but also something I know you won't splurge on yourself.  Go play in your kitchen, okay?"

All this time they waiting patiently in my cupboard, transported lovingly all the way from Sechelt to Chilliwack.  For the longest time I wasn't even really sure what to make with them until  I found a recipe for lemon and olive chicken tagine from Melissa d'Arabian's book "Ten Dollar Dinners".

I was a little wary of the recipe, not really convinced that either John or Kevin would like it but as we sat down to eat, they both tasted a little and then tucked right in. Tender chicken with a spiced sauce that I still fail to find words to describe except to say there were notes of lemon and olive, with spice and flavor that was so heady I wanted to lick my plate entirely clean.  I could see Anne smiling as I picked up my fork and joined them.

There's nothing like a great meal to bring the family together, is there?  Make sure to visit Chasing Tomatoes for the recipe.

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