Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Kid Gets Scrambled

Some time ago, I talked about Kevin learning how to cook and explained that he was taking an online foods class.  Many people wanted to know how that worked.  His school has some sort of set up with a culinary program that does online courses, which is really cool on one hand, and the course material really is top notch.  The recipes, however, are a little over the top for a beginner, so I'm getting him to cook things that are a little less complicated and don't use ingredients such as truffle oil or a rack of pork.

This week, Kevin learned how to make scrambled eggs.


First, he learned that you need to chop the green onions really tiny.  Nobody wants a big hunk of green onion in their scrambled eggs.

cracking eggs

He tried to tell me he failed at cracking eggs, but none ended up on the floor or with a gazillion bits of shell in them so I consider that a win.


Next, the trick to really good scrambled eggs is to cook them low and slow, stirring as you go so that they stay creamy.  He couldn't get over how fast they actually cook.

Kev finished

Lastly, you  can never have enough cheese, because cheese just makes everything better, right?  Especially on scrambled eggs with pan fried potatoes.  Don't add the cheese too soon or it will just cook right in.  You want pockets of melty cheesy goodness.

cheesy scrambled eggs

The finished product was so delicious I actually volunteered to do all the clean up.  I think he may have just found my comfort food weakness.

Next week, he learns how to poach an egg, which is something I've never been able to do without the egg sinking to the bottom and leaving residue on the pan that I have to chisel off.  Any advice on how to avoid that, besides using non stick?  By the way, if you are interested in the recipe for those scrambled eggs, hop on over to Chasing Tomatoes for all the details.

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