Sunday, November 11, 2012

A New Look!

It's been a long time since this place has had an update, and I thought that with my new found creativity, along with all the changes in my life, why not update the blog too?

A simple design that focuses on writing was exactly what I wanted, and I think this template accomplishes that.  Not all the bells and whistles are operational yet-and I'm not sure if everything is working properly, so if you encounter something odd, please let me know.

Not able to stop at one renovation, I went for two - and Chasing Tomatoes is getting an overhaul as well.  That template is a little more fussy, and I'm not sure I'll keep it.  The photos are all funny looking from being the wrong size, the slider is giving me a headache, and it's just too much to get it all working again.  I may have to break down and pay Kevin to get it running.  The boy knows his way around html, and he needs Christmas money anyway, so why not?

My favorite part of this new look is the picture of that mixer at the top.  A few years ago, when she bought that mixer shortly after Christmas, Anne drew a picture, scanned it, and pasted it in as her Twitter avatar.  For the next year and a half, it was the cheery symbol that I came to associate with her voice on Twitter and our nightly conversations.  Even when she became too sick to have company, or moved away and I rarely saw her, that little picture would show up in my stream to say hello, encourage me to have gelato, or ask what I was baking. 

When Anne became too sick to bake at all and gave me her beloved red mixer, I had never been so honored.  Now that she's gone and her mixer sits on my counter regularly churning out tasty goodness for my family just as she wanted, it only seems fitting to have a piece of her here, reminding me of the importance of family, friends, food, and love.

I know without a doubt, that is exactly what she would've wanted me to share with you.


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