Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's Not Just About the Food

Conferences usually are a buzz of meeting people, running to sessions, meeting with sponsors, and occasionally getting out to see the sights of whatever city they are being held in.  In my experience, I don't get to see much of the city, usually.  This time, Alexis and I left lots of time open for down time, besides also parking the Cruze and wandering around the neighborhood on foot-which was perfect.

The first speakers were @whiteonrice or rather, Todd Porter and Diane Cu.  I can't tell you how much their words (and film!) inspired me.  It's been no secret that the last year has been extremely difficult, and I feel sometimes that I frantically cook and then throw things up here on the blog to have content.  I lost sight of the stories, in the challenge just to survive.   They showed two videos that I especially loved-a tour of their garden through the eyes of their dog, and a recipe for life.

My day was quite relaxing, really.  We ate the incredible food served by the Fairmont, which was not just delicious but beautiful to look at.  I learned so much at each session, and much to my surprise they weren't about cooking, but rather photography and storytelling.  I realized that I'm not weaving stories into recipes here, and maybe that's something I should start.  Later that evening we visited a bit and then Lexi and I took off to Mistral's Kitchen for dinner.

Olives and Cheese

After sharing cheese and olives, then eating some pork belly with polenta, I didn't think I'd ever eat again. Of course the Fairmont had other ideas as we again had an amazing breakfast.

Storytelling session

The next day's sessions were just as fantastic as the first.  So much to learn and share, and so many people to meet.  I was thrilled to finally meet other food bloggers in person!  The take away was still the same-while we all had the common love of food, much of the message I came away with was a love of writing, and sharing the stories behind it.  I was so inspired I wanted to just come on home and hit the kitchen! 

That would be saved for another day.  Instead, Lexie and I had to visit a French cafe and have the most amazing hot chocolate first.

Disclosure:  Chevrolet Canada has sponsored my trip to Blogher food with Alexis Hinde, by lending us a Chevy Cruze to drive to Seattle and home, and covered the cost of the hotel and tickets.  We are so grateful for their support, as it's been a very inspiring, education, and fun conference.

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