Saturday, June 09, 2012

I Want a Story

The hotel room is quiet save for the hum of a computer and slight traffic noise outside.  I'm perched on a fluffy white bed, nibbling chocolate and writing.

When I signed up for Blogher Food, I wasn't really sure what to expect.  Yes, I knew there would be lots of wonderful food, but I don't think I really expected the amount of inspiration that the keynotes would stir in me.  As many of you have noticed, I'm struggling.  Life events have piled up and writing has taken a back seat as I'm finding my way through some things that I can't really talk about.

For me, my kitchen is a sanctuary.  The methodical act of chopping and stirring lets me focus on something different-something immediate, and then the satisfaction of a finished product and the joy it brings someone else when they eat my food is like therapy.  I've been cooking in earnest the last few months, likely trying somehow to just clear my head.

I'd sit down and try to write-I wanted so desperately to write, but nothing would come.  Writing has been something I have to do, not an "I love to do", which is entirely new and slightly frightening.  Sitting here in sessions, finally taking a breather and listening to those who share the same craft as I do and love so much, I realized that I've simply been cooking and posting recipes because I feel like I have to for content, not because I have a story.

I want to have a story.  You deserve that.  I didn't even see, until now, that you haven't been getting the best of me at all.  Thank you so much for sticking through this weird patch with me, coming back post after post to read, as I've struggled.

The dust is clearing, a bit.  I'm really hopeful for the next few months, that although we have big changes with this move to the city and wide open career possibilities for me, that by dreaming and reaching high, things will turn out to be absolutely amazing.  I'm inspired to go back to why I started this blog six years ago in the first place, when I sat down and told you about the old TV sitting in our computer room.

There's always stories.  Thank you for listening to mine.

Here's to many more stories to come.

Poem at Paper Hammer
Found at Paper Hammer, a store near our hotel.  Oh, THIS. SO much this. 

Disclosure:  Chevrolet Canada has sponsored my trip to Blogher food with Alexis Hinde, by lending us a Chevy Cruze to drive here, and covered the cost of the hotel and tickets.  We are so grateful for their support, as it's been a very inspiring, education, and fun conference.

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