Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Holly's Quest for the Cup

When we first moved to the Sunshine Coast, Kevin wandered out our door and met Holly and her older brother Linden, who happened to live right next door to us.  A bike ride later, and Kevin and Holly have been friends ever since.

Since then, Holly has been tearing up tracks all over the place, becoming one of the fastest downhill mountain bike racers in North America-at only 16 years old!  She has dreams of becoming the youngest person to podium at the World Championships in Austria this year, but doesn't have the sponsorships or the cash to get herself there on her own.  You bloggers know how it is when you are a new face, they aren't that quick to jump up and help you out.

Adults are quick to criticize teenagers.  They complain about teens' seemingly shallow attitudes, how they are attached to their cell phones and Facebook, the partying and trouble some find themselves into.  Too often, they forget that there are talented Canadian kids out there doing amazing things that need our support.  Traveling to races is expensive, and something a family just can't always do by themselves-especially at the level that Holly is competing at.

This is where you all come in!  I'm asking you to share the word about Holly's quest. Tweet, Facebook, Pinterest, Google plus, you name it.  Tell the companies you work with, the PR people you know, and more. Young people with big dreams who are doing amazing things deserve all the support they can get.   Having a kid of my own who has huge dreams and has had trouble finding a mentor in his field, we know exactly how important it is that Holly is supported and has the opportunity to have a shot at that podium.  You can also donate yourself if you wish-even something as small as $5 helps. There's great bonuses if you do, too!

We have only 44 days to get her there.  Are you in?

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