Wednesday, May 23, 2012


The phone call came on Monday afternoon, as I was puttering around the kitchen.  As I picked up the phone I assumed our landlord was calling to talk about the shingles that had blown off in a previous storm, or to check up and see how things were.

I was wrong.  Instead, he dropped a bomb that we didn't see coming; they want to sell the house.

As he talked, I paced the kitchen before handing the phone to John and then, panicked and wide eyed, running out to the kitchen and standing there, open mouthed.  Move? We can't move now.  Where would we go? What are we going to do?  How could this happen?

We had been contemplating moves for a very long time, but John hasn't been successful at getting transferred yet.  While we have eyed the Fraser Valley for about 2 years, we were looking forward to a year to get our finances in better shape and lining up jobs before we made the jump.   Being forced to move could up our timeline and push us over there sooner, because it seems silly to move to another place here in town and then move again only months later.

Once the dust settled and we figured out our options, we drew up a plan.  First, talk to the bank and see what we can afford.  Then, figure out where we want to live.  Last, start applying for jobs in that area.  Through it all, start purging all the extra junk in the house.  I looked at the bright side all day yesterday, thinking that this could finally be the push we need to make our move back to the city and turn out to be a really good thing.   We talked more as a family over dinner, and with a little time for the dust to settle, agreed that things could really work out to our benefit.

I settled down on the couch with the laptop, dishes left on the counter as I reasoned I'd clean them up a little later.  That is, until the phone rang.

A realtor on the other end wanted to show the house, at noon the next day.  Our home, which we have lived in for the past seven years, had gone from a calm, secure, haven to precarious thing in less than 24 hours.  At times I've felt like running down the street waving my arms and screaming, but the neighbors would likely have me locked up.

In a mad dash, the three of us began tidying up the house as reality sunk in-the house is clean, but not "show to potential buyers" clean.  The bonus is that now my house is really tidy, but at the same time, everything feels very surreal.

Oh 2012, as if it wasn't enough to have John fight a serious illness and only just start getting better, and for my closest friend to have cancer and move away closer to treatment.  Sure, John said that he had a dream about us packing (and the weird thing is that often John's dreams come true) but I didn't think it would be so SOON.

Yesterday as I was out in the sunshine with my students, out in the woods supervising while they played a fun forest game.  Early summer breezes played with the new leaves, and blossoms, the birds sang, and occasionally a squirrel voiced it's displeasure of having teens near its home.  Three eagles caught my eye-soaring above us, they dipped and twirled through the air with ease, and I closed my eyes and inhaled the sweet blossoms' scent in the fresh air.   Saturday's Awesome list had calmed my fears and given me something to focus on,  I thought.  I need to do that more often.

Inspired by @schmutzie and @bifnaked, I'm going to be doing a daily Awesome and words of the day with my posts, here.  It will be short and sweet, and I can't really guarantee that it will be something I CAN do every day considering how upended my entire life has been these days, but I'm going to try.  I need a little time to figure things out and how I'm going to fit everything in.

One day at a time.

One post at a time.

2012?  You're proving to be a challenge, but I still am going to kick your butt.  You'd better watch it.

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