Monday, May 07, 2012

Chevrolet Canada Series: I'm going to Blogher Food!

Years ago when I first became aware of BlogHer conferences, I always had my eye on Blogher Food.  I've never been to a food blogging conference, but they always seemed like something I'd be interested in and a lot of fun.  Since it seemed that Blogher Food was generally held in California every year, last year I made plans to attend.  Easy, peasy!  I live in BC, California isn't that far away, I could just drive down there, right?  Not a problem!  Until the location was announced, and the conference had been moved, to Georgia.

GEORGIA, people.   So I admit, I kinda settled for Blogher11, which was in San Diego! I had heard that Blog her is a little like Disneyland- you just have to go at least once.

Traverse trip last summer was amazing.  Chevrolet Canada was so great to loan us a gorgeous, hot off the assembly line Traverse and sponsored Tracey, Nicole, and Alexis and I on our quest to travel all the way to San Diego and back.  Have you ever traveled with people who you don't know well in a car for 10 days?  We did-and it was SO MUCH FUN.   In fact, the road trip was more fun for me than the actual conference!

This year, Blogher Food is in Seattle, Washington and once again, Chevrolet Canada stepped in and is sponsoring Alexis and I as we make a short jaunt across the border on our way to learn more about food and food blogging.  I can hardly wait!  Pike Place Market! Trader Joes! Food trucks!  Finally meeting fellow food bloggers!

Chevrolet really is awesome.  I loved the Traverse that we had the chance to drive last year, and can't wait to see what vehicle we are going to take to Seattle.  The cars are so great to drive that we will be seriously looking at them the next time we purchase a car.

Alexis and I have all sorts of plans for the trip, from places where we are going to eat to shopping, sights to see, and more.  With two food lovers on the loose, we'll be taking you with us on our journey as we explore Seattle and all things food!

I can hardly wait!

Disclosure:  Chevrolet Canada is fully sponsoring Alexis and I to go to BlogHer food this year. I'm very excited to be working with them once again!

Chevrolet Vertical MD 5in NP4C

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