Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Chevrolet Canada Series: Bittersweet Summer

Summer is coming.  You can feel it in the warmer air, and hear it the chorus of frogs as they chirp when the sun goes down.  May and June are a flurry of last minute wrapping up the school year until finally the end comes and the calm of summer arrives, bringing lazy days that stretch out one before the other.

Last year my summer wasn't calm-in fact, I spent more days in hotels and traveling than I did at home. Which, on one hand, was exciting, but on the other, exhausting.  By the time I was settled at home it was time to dive right back into work, with no stretch of lazy days, which are what I crave the most. You know those days, right?  The ones where your biggest worry is making sure to move the sprinklers on the lawn without getting soaked, and you get to choose between taking the kids to the park or the beach?

I've been home with Kevin every summer since he was born and it's becoming obvious that this year could be the last that we are home together, sharing those lazy days.  Next year he'll be graduated from high school, likely have a job, and be far too busy to hang out with Mom.  I've been really blessed to have a kid who actually likes to spend time with me and wants to come along on my treks to various places, but the thought of having to let him go is bittersweet.

I'll miss the days of catching bugs and putting them in jars, picking blackberries, turning over rocks at the beach to find crabs, and bike rides.

While I was busy, he grew up.

This summer, we plan to stay close to home.  Day trips and short jaunts here and there are on our calendar, but it won't be anything like last summer and my marathon vacationing.  We'll have time to plant a container garden and actually tend to it, hike trails that we've never seen, make day trips to places close by that we've never visited, and attend festivals we've always missed.

Having an only child is always bittersweet. There's the joys of seeing him fly, coupled with the little bit of sadness of being left behind.

I can't wait for this summer.

Farm fresh corn!

Kevin, 3 years old, at Tour the Farm in the Comox Valley, 1999

Chevrolet Vertical MD 5in NP4C

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