Thursday, April 05, 2012

Garden In Progress

Summers at our house usually mean that we are out and about, so there never is any point in growing a garden.  I nurture herbs until the end of June and then we are almost always gone for weeks at a time, which means I come home to a bunch of dead plants.

This summer is different.  With the events of the last few months, Kevin getting a summer job,  and John recovering from an illness that has really kicked his butt the last few months, we have decided to stick closer to home.  This means I've been making plans to have a container garden!   So far I've just planted lettuce, peas, and basil, but there will be far more in the months to come.

I really am not a gardener.  Sure, I've managed to grow some peas, herbs, and tomatoes, but I'm not someone to whom gardening comes naturally.  Usually I'm too busy to remember to water plants and don't realize that they are dying until it's too late, but I'm hoping that by being home all summer I'll have the chance to focus on writing, keeping up the running that I'm currently doing at work, and get a little container garden going.  What's happening out there right now?


For some reason, I have a killer rosemary plant.  I've often heard that rosemary is hard to grow here on the rainy west coast, but this plant has survived incredibly well!  It's a good thing too, because I love rosemary and often snip off bits here and there to use when I cook.


Last June I was given a beautiful mint plant at Eat! Vancouver-unfortunately we went on holidays and it quickly died because nobody was watering it faithfully, but it's coming back! I'm so excited!


I have some oregano on the go as well, which is always nice in the summer to add to spaghetti sauce.   I'm hoping that I can get that plant to a really good size!

Salad greensDay 5: Tiny

During spring break I planted my first veggies-some mixed veggie greens that we hopefully can harvest and use in salads in the summer.  Planting things is always a bit of an act of faith-will they really grow? Or am I just dreaming?  Today I took a peek and what do you know...sprouts!  As the weeks go by, I'll be sharing photos here and there of what I have growing-and hopefully not what I've killed.

Are you planting a garden this year?  What are your favourite veggies and herbs?

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