Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kevin Learns to Ride a Motorcycle, Part 2

Ever have a weekend where it's so packed that it just flies by, and before you know it Monday is roaring down on you while you wonder what the hell happened?

That was my weekend.

First, we spent the weekend in Vancouver because Kevin had more motorcycle classes-which involved actually getting ON a motorcycle and driving it around a parking lot!

Motorbike school

He looks so excited, right?  In the class he learned about shifting gears, turns, U-turns, stopping, getting his speed up, and more.  An obstacle course was set up in the parking lot with cones, and the guys in his class were put through all sorts of exercises.


Look at that concentration. Can he weave through the cones without knocking one over?  The first day it rained and while it wasn't that nice out, it was probably good practice to be out on a wet road.

By the second day, Kevin was ready for his skills test.  A skills test doesn't mean he has his license, but it DOES mean that he knows enough that he can ride by himself while he's got his L.  Which, of course, he was advised NOT to do.

Steve teaching him

Steve, the instructor,  giving Kevin some tips.  The first time he took the test, he kinda didn't pass it.  Oops!  He worked at it awhile longer, then re-took the test.  Kevin's main issue is that he doesn't go fast enough. 

Skills Test

Bob, the owner, gives Kevin his second skills test.  This time he passes!  WHEEE!

Now Kev just needs to practice a lot, and then go back to Open Road to do a day where he is actually riding around in traffic.  They will get him all ready for his road test, which I think gets him his N. For now, we'll stick to having him ride around parking lots.

That is, if I can keep my guys from buying yet another motorcycle.

Open Road Motorcycle School has not paid me, given me a discount, or even asked me to write about them at all.  My opinions are entirely my own.  What I have loved about this course is that the class sizes are small, Kevin gets a lot of 1 on 1, they are very concerned about safety, and also that he has fun. They are also super friendly and Kevin has loved the time he has spent there.   I highly recommend them!

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