Monday, March 26, 2012

I've Gone...Green?

This weekend was Spring Break, and I should have done a lot of things. I planned to, originally. I was going to clean that old TV out of our computer room (would you believe there was one there 6 years ago when I wrote my first post? Different TV this time). I was going to clean the house, go through and purge things we don't need, cook, write, and generally keep very busy.

I did none of that. Well, maybe not NONE, but all the nasty, work related parts. There was cooking, there was sleeping in, there was some writing, but most of all there was fun with some relaxing thrown in, and a ton of family time.

At first, there was snow. Robins hopped on our back fence as thick flakes floated down, angrily chirping their displeasure. When we drove to Purdy's through what looked like a snowstorm, I began to wonder if we'd be stranded in Vancouver. Later in the week there was sunshine, so warm that I was working in the yard.

Spring has always been enticing to me. I want to grow things, but instead of looking all green, lush, and beautiful, I get plants to about the end of June and then abandon them while I go on holidays. When we return, all well rested and happy, the plants are dead.

This summer we aren't going on road trip-with John being on medical leave, I doubt that he will have holidays, so home is where it's at this year. Which is fine, really. It's nice to stay home and this year, maybe I can tend to a container garden. I wandered out to the containers today and dug around in them, transplanted some, moved around others, planted a few things, and generally got my hands dirty.

I can't believe I'm growing greens, peas, carrots, radishes, beans, and herbs. Not all of them are planted yet, because I've been following the directions about last frosts. What is that, anyway?! "Two weeks after last frost". "Six weeks before last frost." How am I supposed to tell when the last frost is? It's not like there's a message on the window: "By the way, this is THE LAST ONE, I PROMISE."

Because that would be SO MUCH easier.

Today I planted lettuce, peas, and basil. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't kill them. My basil usually is eaten by something every year though so if you all can help me out with trying to keep it from being something's lunch, I'd appreciate it.

I can't believe I'm actually growing things.  Me, the girl who can only grow herbs know, they're like weeds, right?

Any tips would be appreciated!

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