Tuesday, March 06, 2012

It all Starts With YES-Updated with a Giveaway!


photo by Alexis Hinde

A few weeks ago I went to visit Alexis in Vancouver for our second annual dessert potluck with other bloggy friends, aptly named Sweet Spot.  A trip to Vancouver is always an event for me which requires thoughtful planning around ferry sailings, but to be sure that this time I got in a really good visit,  I made plans with Alexis to stay the night on her comfy couch.

You see, a long time ago I had made a promise to the Imp.  While he seems to love to see me every time I show up at Alexis's door, the poor child has had to go through me taking his Mom away with me somewhere or catching a plane, every single time.   Between three flights to Toronto and a ten day trip to San Diego, I was starting to think that my luck would eventually run out and the poor child would see me emerging from the elevator, only to run away screaming.

The last time, I made a pact to bake cookies with him, and although it took a few months, soon it was time.   A promise is a promise you see, and I couldn't say no.  Besides, baking together is such a great opportunity to just have fun.  When Kevin was small, he'd pull his little stool up to the counter and we'd measure the flour, crack eggs, and mash bananas together.  Even today at 16, when I mention those days he breaks into a grin.

"Ya, that was fun, "he sighs wistfully.  "I loved eating the cookies after."

With the Imp beside me perched on a chair, we measured, cracked eggs, and mixed.

"What do you want to make next time?" I whispered in his ear as snuggled him and we looked out over English Bay, the smell of chocolate chip cookies wafting through the apartment.  He was thoughtful for a moment before smiling sweetly and leaning over to my ear.

"Banana bread, please."

Banana bread it is.

Proctor and Gamble have a wonderful promotion going on right now called It Starts With Yes.  Often it's too easy to say no and think that things which may seem important at the time really are.  The truth is, those little yes moments give you memories to last a lifetime.   Hop on over to Proctor and Gamble's Facebook page and share your yes moments by taking the pledge to say yes more often!  Create yes passes and be entered to win a $10,000 family dream vacation!

If you enjoy sharing your Yes, upload your story and a photo on the Facebook page! One lucky person will have their story featured in the June 2012 issue of Canadian Living.

To kick start you in your campaign to say yes more, I have a nifty bag full of samples from Proctor & Gamble and some really cute aprons for you and the kids so that you can say YES more often!  How do you enter?  Just leave me a comment about fun activities you can do with your kids below!  (good brainstorming for Spring Break!)

-open to Canadian residents only
-closes next Tuesday, March 13th
-enter every day if you wish!

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