Sunday, March 18, 2012

Food Revolution Friday: Say Cheese!

Spring break is finally upon us here in the Cookie Jar, and after snoozes of epic proportions I finally got down to writing.  Of course, even though it's supposed to be Spring, the first thing Mother Nature did was laugh at me while she dumped a pile of snow on my car this morning.

Even the robins hopped around angrily on the back fence, screeching as if to say,

"What the.... (insert bad four letter word here) ?!?!

Fortunately, last weekend while I was off gallivanting around Langley, the weather was wet but at least not snowy.  While Kevin was off learning to ride a motorcycle, Nicole and I decided to explore a place that we had heard about, interesting enough, on twitter.

Golden Ears Cheeseworks

Golden Ears Cheeseworks is located out in Maple Ridge and has a selection of cheeses made onsite, as well as many options if you are hungry!  There's poutine, gelato, fresh baked goods, and a good selection of specialty food products you can take home.

Lined in a Row

Nicole and I immediately made a beeline for the main attraction, though.  The CHEESE. Oh, the cheese.  First there was wasabi havarti.  This was not a sinus clearing wasabi, just a mild flavor added to some really great havarti.  Maybe it could've been a little stronger, even.


Nicole chose a chili gouda, while I ended up settling on wasabi havarti, which was the very first sale of there newest flavor!   Personally, I would have loved to have a bit of EACH of the cheeses to take home, but we shouldn't be greedy.   I made mental notes to return with Kevin in the future, as he would love to watch the cheese making through the large windows. There's even cooking classes, too!


Talk about service with a smile!    I browsed the shop, marveling at all the delicious foods, and then I spotted these babies below:


Wait! Aren't these cheese curds? In all different flavors? You can top pizza with them, use them for poutine, or just eat right out of the bag. I've never had poutine but have been told that the curds should be squeaky, which these definitely were.

If we lived in Maple Ridge, I'd be here all the time for cheese. It's a good feeling to be supporting a local company that makes fresh food from scratch, rather than the faceless (and not nearly as tasty) cheeses in our grocery store.  Surprisingly, they weren't a whole lot more expensive, either.  

Before you discount a local farm thinking that it might be 'specialty' or out of your price range, give it a try. You may be surprised!

Next up...produce price differences. Would you believe the produce was double to triple the cost at home than it is in Maple Ridge?

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