Thursday, March 01, 2012

Food Revolution Friday: Dreaming About Food!

Lots of fantastic news happening around here to tell you about this week!  This week I'm going bullety to fit everything in.

* Jamie Oliver and the Food Revolution is on Pinterest!

 Are you a Pinterest addict?  Hop on over to the Food Revolution's boards!  I'm a contributor over on Food in the News and Food Revolution Community! There's lots of great things being pinned over there, from healthy food to stories about food.

* Blog Her Food 2012 is coming June 8-9 in Seattle, Washington!  I'm working on getting there, and if all goes well you'll see me in Seattle this June!  I can't wait to attend my very first food blogging conference, and seeing Seattle.  We drive through Seattle all the time, but I haven't actually had the chance to spend any time there so my fingers are crossed!

* My dream job is up for grabs! The city of Richmond is paying one food blogger to dine out at one restaurant a day for an entire year.  Full details are here, and there is a great write up over at Miss604.  My family has our own personal ties to Richmond-I moved there when I was 19 to find my way as a young adult in the big city way back in 1990.  I worked at one of the first Starbucks, met and married my husband in Minoru Park, became a special education assistant and worked for the school board, and Kevin was born in Richmond General.  We love so much about the city and would be thrilled to return with Kevin, who is now not far from the very age I was when I moved there so long ago!

Besides all that wonderful food, I love the people, the history, and the city of Richmond.  So much to explore and do! I applied, and my fingers are crossed.  This is my year to kick butt and throw caution to the wind, so why not?

*Food Revolution is going global May 19, 2012!

Hop on over to the newly launched landing page for Food Revolution Day and find out how you can be involved in your community to continue the conversation about real food, get people in your community involved, and more.   On the landing page you can register your interest, become a sponsor or a Food Revolution Ambassador.  Find more information here.   Make sure to drop by the landing page April 3, 2012 for the full launch and more news!

*Edited to add:  (I can't believe I FORGOT to add this!) Kevin and I are going to visit the Purdy's Chocolate factory on Spring Break!

Purdy's used to do factory tours, and the one year I could go somehow it didn't work out.  On my BIRTHDAY.  After that, the tours were no more and I was very sad.  The folks at Purdy's are full of awesome though, and invited Kevin and I to come visit in March.  We are both so excited, since Purdy's chocolate is delicious!

Lots more exciting things are coming to Notes From the Cookie Jar in March, and in April can you believe I'll have been blogging here for SIX years?  We'll need to have a party!

Happy Friday!

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