Thursday, February 02, 2012

Ten Things I Have Learned So far This Week

A little while ago, I started a new job.  Yes, that one!  I realized that I had no clothes to actually wear while I was running around in gyms or outside, so the weekend we went to the motorcycle show, I picked up the first pair of yoga pants I've ever owned and a pair of sweatpants.  I don't think I've actually worn sweatpants since I was about 19, so it was odd to be in them, although incredibly cozy.  Can I just say that I love Nike clothes?  It's a completely unsolicited/compensated plug here, but I bought some Nike things and not only do they fit well, but they wash up and are SO comfortable.

The first full week I was there, I promptly contracted the flu from Hell that knocked me onto the couch for a week straight. It was ugly.  At one point, I even lost my voice for a full three days.  I didn't cook a thing, in fact, the very idea of food was unappealing, and my poor guys were left to forage their own meals from what was left in the freezer.

This week, I've finally gotten back in the game and have found out a few things about myself.

1. I have no issue with warmth over fashion.  When it's drizzling rain outside and I'm on a muddy field, I don't care that I have on old runners that are a bit crappy looking, some fuzzy pants from Mountain Equipment Co-op that are about 20 years old, and my hair is a mess.  I'm warm, I'm dry, and that's all that counts.  (Those pants from MEC are the BOMB.  I bought them years ago to wear under dry suits while scuba diving, and they still are amazing now)

2. Walking up a long, steep hill at the end of class is almost enough to wear me out. The first time, almost killed me.  I've been doing it twice a day now, and today I made it to the top without feeling like was GOING TO DIE.  My legs are tired and I'm stiff, but I'm also really stubborn.  I'm also really, really out of shape.

3.  I can't throw frisbees well.  Don't ask.

4.  All this exercise makes me ravenously hungry by lunch time.  As in, so hungry I could eat an elephant.   Gone are the days where I'd graze on something tiny, I need fuel, man! I'll need to keep this in mind when I'm packing lunches-because now, I'm really making sure to pack a good one.

5. I'm ridiculously thrilled when it's sunny outside-as in dance a jig around the kitchen.  No soggy field and wet feet, but that gorgeous, bright sun on my face for a full 2-3 hours!  I can hardly wait until the weather gets really nice and warm.

6. It's embarrassing when you wipe out on a sidewalk scattered with rocks in front of an entire class of eighth graders. But you can't let it show, because they can tell and will NOT let you forget.

7.  Canadian geese which look at you and honk incessantly, as if demanding that a field is their space and no they will NOT move unless you peg them with a Frisbee (which I never did)  are really, really annoying. Related:  Canadian geese produce a LOT of poop, which is really gross when you step in it.

8. I don't know the rules to a LOT of games. Which could be a problem.  What side? Who? So. many. games. To. Learn.

9.  My career guide last year that said I should become a motivational speaker was accurate. The irony is hilarious, considering I was the girl in high school who would feign illness to get OUT of playing, and now I'm the one trying to convince those very girls TO play.  I never would've guessed.

10. Sunshine, running, and laughter is totally good for the soul.  I LOVE it.  Even when I'm home and just cleaned up after dinner, and so tired I can barely move.  We haven't even done any runs yet, which will mean I'll be running two, sometimes three times in a class.


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