Friday, February 03, 2012

Food Revolution Friday: February is Apple Month with BC Tree Fruits!

After a full week of being outside and running around, I had grand plans to write up Food Revolution and have it all ready to go on Thursday night.  What I didn't count on was that Thursday and Friday are fitness days at work, where the kids go on a run, which means  I had to run too.

 One long, gorgeous run by the ocean and another long, fun block in the sun on a field and I came home, showered, ate dinner, and promptly fell asleep at about 6:30 pm on the couch.  Writing? Not so much.

Today, three blocks of PE, one of which meant an even longer run by the ocean while the fog played along the edges of the water and loons played in the surf.  Admittedly, I'm never really that motivated to exercise, but I am loving this so much that hopefully I'll be able to keep exercise a big part of my every day routine once the weather dips into summer.

Something that has drastically changed this week is how much I eat-I am always so hungry and have been looking for healthy snacks to get me through the day.  Two stories caught my eye this week.  Have you read that a scientist believes sugar should be regulated like alcohol?  Truly, this seems ridiculous to me-here we have people wanting to legalize marijuana, and yet we'll regulate sugar? For real?  It sounds far too much like Demolition Man to me.  If you remember in the movie, all restaurants are Taco Bell and everything that is bad for you (sugar, salt, tobacco, sex, alcohol) have been outlawed.

Personally, I've never really bought the idea that sugar is evil.  Maybe it's because I actually like sugar, and don't mind a little of it here and there.  I'm no sugar fiend mind you, but I want it in my coffee, and I don't have an issue with the occasional cookie.  People always talk about kids being hopped up on sugar but I can tell you without reservation after working in schools for 20 years that sugar does NOT make kids hyper.  If it did, all those days after Halloween, and during Valentine's Day or Easter, kids at school would be nuts.  The interesting thing is, they aren't.  I firmly believe that it's hype and excitement, changes in routine, and lack of regular meals that derail the kids.  No, I don't think kids need sugar nor should they be downing it at every opportunity, but we don't need to become the sugar police.  There needs to be moderation.

In my experience, there is little these days in the way of moderation. Years ago, people wouldn't be drinking a Grande coffee often, much less a Venti.  We had cans of pop, not bottles with over 500 ml.  I don't think that a bit of sugar occasionally is a problem, but it seems as though portions sizes are such that now people think nothing of eating far more than they should, and therefore consuming much more sugar. (edited to add:  I don't think a particular food is evil, per se.  Instead I think we should be looking closer at portion sizes and educating people on how to read labels)

What do you think?

From sugar to apples, I have a great contest to tell you about.  February is apple month, and BC Tree Fruits wants to give you the opportunity to win an iPad, an iPod, or and incredible Grand Prize!

Five nights for four people at Predator Ridge
-golf for 4
-orchard picnic
-car rental
-boat rental
-spa gift card
..and more!

BC Tree Fruits is encouraging you to play with your food by creating an Artful Apple-carve, paint, or more to transform your apple into art!  Take a photo of your work, upload it to their site, and then get friends and family involved in voting for your apple!

Need some inspiration?  Check out some of these cute apples!  Besides, what better excuse than to get the kids to decorate their own and enter, right?  If not you can at least have a really healthy snack.

I'd love to see your creations!  If you enter, let me know via Twitter and I'll happily re-tweet them to my stream for people to look at and vote for!

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