Tuesday, January 03, 2012

We did It. Really DID IT.

Remember when I wrote this? I totally meant it.  In fact, I meant it so much that Ann from Living Through the Tears and I created a blog to chronicle our year.  Don't expect sad stories over there, we are going to be completely living it up!  Everything fun, inspirational, and amazing will be on Kick Ass 2012.

Fun, everyday, amazing things are going to populate that blog.  Even if it's just extolling the virtues of forgetting to take down your Christmas ornaments. (How long do you think I can hold out before Hubs cleans them up?) It might even be about singing the praises of good chocolate and friends who send it. The fact that The Hobbit is coming out in 2012.

Ohhhh...my precious!   Did you know that I'm a huge Lord of the Rings fan?  That when The Return of the King was released, I dragged Hubs to the theater (and for me, that's huge-I NEVER go to the theater) even though I was horribly ill and completely drugged up on painkillers and antibiotics?  Also, despite the fact that the horrible cartoon version of The Hobbit (1977)  scared me so badly that I had nightmares for months about giant spiders trying to eat me and in that movie there was a massive spider who tries to eat Frodo?  Of course, back when I saw the Hobbit I was 6 years old so  of course I was terrified.  Try massive Hobbit eating spiders when you're hyped up on painkillers.  It's awesome.

I am that much of a fan.

And the really silly thing? I keep thinking of cheesy lines from Lord of the Rings these days.

(as I'm writing this Hubs is watching a show about a hunt for monster spiders and it's seriously giving me the willies. No, I don't want to know about a spider web that was as long as two football fields.  Or watch people roast tarantulas.  EW. That's a Food Revolution I can't get on board with. )

Which leads me to my last really awesome thing that happened today at work.  On Friday, I decided to give the kids a break from all those vile vegetables that I keep making them eat and have them make these way delicious lasagna roll ups . Try them! They are SO good.  As I was explaining the dish to them today and saying that they won't have to add too many veggies if they don't want to, one of the kids stopped me and said,

 "But I like vegetables.  Can't I make mine vegetarian?"

I almost fell over. Seriously? They went from "Salad is bunk. I'm not eating salad" to "Can we please have more vegetables?"

It's a freaking MIRACLE.

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