Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Teen is Going to Motorcycle School

Last weekend we ventured over into the city and trekked all the way out to the Abbotsford Trade Ex Center for a Motorcycle show.  It always makes for a long day, heading that far into the valley, but John was determined since he missed it last year!

Our bike is currently in storage because it's far too cold out to ride, but it was fun to look at all the accessories and things that we could get.  I'm not up for a pair of leather chaps, thanks.  Or a skull motif ring.  However, I did want one of these:

Scorpion makes a great selection of women's motorcycle gear, and I absolutely love my jacket and pants by them (completely unsponsored statement).   Apparently I have a really weirdly shaped head and the helmet that we initially bought just doesn't fit me well. A seam from the fabric presses into my skull, and after about 45 minutes it literally feels like I have an ice pick being driven into my head - which really isn't the greatest when you are on a long ride! The visor on this one is really appealing, as is the more open air feel to it.

Na, we aren't buying him one of these. Don't worry.

We wandered the Trade Ex among the booths before finally stopping and committing the one thing that I think has cemented us in Kevin's mind as the coolest parents on the planet; we signed him up for motorcycle lessons.

People really are opinionated about giving your teen motorcycle lessons.  Hey, I get it if you've never been on a motorcycle and the only thing you know about it is someone who died riding one.  Perhaps it would seem akin to allowing your child to play with matches and explosives.  However, for us it's a little difficult to tell the kid "No, you CAN'T ride one" when we do all the time.  Besides, he plans to buy himself a bike eventually so we think it's far more responsible to make him take a course and learn how to ride it properly when he's 16 (and easier to influence his habits) than when he's 20 and just does it on his own.

This one's pretty, but I'm happy being a passenger. Honest.

By the end of the summer, we'll have another fully qualified motorcyclist in the family, and I'll be bringing you the details on what learning how to ride is like!

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