Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Peaceful. And a Promise.

It is said that people who make resolutions only last for about six weeks at best-even less if you really want to keep track, I suppose.  Gyms are full at the beginning of January and then all those people trying to get rid of their post Christmas paunch eventually fall off the treadmill and slink back to eating a box of cookies at their desk.  Bloggers make grand promises, then don't write again for awhile.

I'll bet you all think that's what I've been doing.  (edited to add:  Oh dear, I only JUST noticed that Christmas photos are in my header, almost as if I still have my treat and stockings up. Yikes!)

Tonight I wrote up a few recipes that I think you'll enjoy for Valentine's Day-besides the fact that they contain Oreos, which I have made no secret that I adore and only have 3 ingredients each, they are incredibly indulgent and hard to keep away from.  Even my own iron clad will power that everyone on Twitter extols when they find out that I only eat a few cookies while I bake is stretched to it's breaking point with these treats.  (recipe for Oreo Cookie Bark and Oreo Truffles)

Oreo Cookie Bark, Oreo Cookie, Chocolate Bark
See what I mean? Melty chocolate and Oreos? Come to Mama

I came over here, realizing that I hadn't written for awhile, and was struck that the last time I had posted anything it was January 3rd. How did that happen? Where did all that time go? It seems as though while I tried to grasp my new routine as we settled into 2012 that the last week or so just slid through my fingers. Really, I was peppering my boards on Pinterest, talking about contests for crazy amazing cookware at Yummy Mummy, getting people to send me photos of things that make them furiously happy over at Kickass 2012, and making things like Meyer Lemon Curd.  So I suppose it hasn't been an entirely unproductive week. 

There have been many stories that have made their way into my head and not to here, yet.  How I found letters written to my teenager that were tucked away for his sixteenth birthday, all with predictions that at the time seemed silly when he was still a babe growing inside me but now are startling accurate.  There's a jar on my window sill with tiny bits of beach glass inside, all gathered by hand from an area not far from my home.  Like tiny promises they sit there in the sun, reminding me of a time when life seemed harder and reminding me of a friend and our walks on the beach now.   Of Kevin, and how he thinks I should become a computer technician because he thinks I have the aptitude for it.

I don't know why they haven't made their way from my head to here, but maybe it's part of being a writer.  I guess we all go through times where the words flow from brain to fingers so easily, and others where it takes a little more perculating.  If you remember our saga from dealing with bullies who falsely accused Kevin of plotting to murder their foster mother last year, just this week we finally heard from the ombudsman regarding the complaint that we filed. 

In small towns when there is much gossip and innuendo, where we both have jobs which place us in the public, it's hard to have much privacy.  Certainly, it can't help to have a blog as well but in our case, my space is going to allow us to tell our story.  I had initially taken down the posts which had the details to the story, but now that time has passed and we have more knowledge about the situation, I am going to re-post them.  The truth is that as of right now, while powers that be agree that things went horribly wrong, that there simply isn't enough information to hold anyone accountable. At least, some people.  We aren't finished.  Another complaint is going to be filed-one that I put off, but have been encouraged to pursue.  One against a group that can be extremely intimidating, and who have a lot of power.

It's pretty disappointing so far, but at least Kevin learned that we will fight tooth and nail for him when there's injustice.  Not that he didn't know that already, but he knows now that we have his back no matter who it is.

2012, so far, has been peaceful.  No worries, just cozy nights by the fire where we chat and laugh together as a family.  This has been a wonderful way to start the year, really.  If it's a precursor to how 2012 will go, I'll take it.

Back soon with stories and the outcome of our dealings with the ombudsman.  Promise.

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