Thursday, January 12, 2012

I May Just Be Completely Insane

Running shoes

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So, just to keep life really interesting, I applied for a job.  Not another one on top of the one that I already do, but a change in the one I already do.  A move, if you will, to a different school.  The third one in 8 months.  In a job that is completely different from anything I've ever done.

As a special ed teaching assistant, I've worked in kindergartens, singing "Old MacDonald" to 5 year olds and helping zip coats.  I've taught teenagers how to cook, fourteen year olds the life cycle of stars, grade fours about dragons, and kids in self contained special needs rooms how to recycle cans.  There has been everything from sign language to wheelchairs, and much more.  This job will be completely different from anything I've ever done.

This job will be working in three PE classes, from grades 8 to 10.  PE classes that do runs every day, that I would be required to go on, rain or shine.  Or snow, even.  With three classes it could mean that some days I'd have to do TWO runs.   TWO.  Long, long runs.

While I may be fairly thin, and I eat healthy, I will admit (albeit somewhat ashamed) that I am not a very active person.  I never go to the gym, I don't attend any sort of exercise classes, and my idea of a workout probably means a walk around the block.  At first when I heard about this job I thought that it would be complete and utter insanity to apply, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought that it might just be the thing for me.  A change of pace that may just be really good for my mental health.  Exercise is good for stress, which I've had in spades, and maybe being able to zone out and get active with groups of kids is exactly what I need.  Being paid to exercise may be just the motivation I need.

Also, the bonus would be I'd be in great shape by summer.  That is, if the first month doesn't completely kill me first. Today I crossed my fingers, and I applied.  I won't find out if I have the job or not for a little while, but here's to taking risks and trying something new.

Either that, or I'm a little insane.

Two runs?  Oy.  Also, I'd need to buy some new workout clothes.

I'm crazy.

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