Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy 2012!

Somehow, over the course of Christmas holidays I hunkered down and took a break.  It was unplanned really, but there I was for two solid weeks, all pajamas until noon and days without make-up, sleeping in until 10 am, cooking without taking photos or some days not cooking at all, immersing myself in books or movies,  and working on a 1000 piece Christmas puzzle.

It was glorious.  Simply, without a doubt, glorious.

Yesterday it was as though I finally awoke from a long slumber, looked around, and finally all my creativity, writing, and urge to cook came flooding back.  In fact, I was so engrossed in what I was doing that I was up until 1 am! No matter, I had one last day to sleep in and enjoy before it's back to work and the usual routine of life.

What have I been up to?

Well, in case you missed some things while I was ridiculously snowed under with stuff and then gone:

I helped Annie make this video.  It's long, but I like how it turned out.

Mid December, I helped Jamie throw another Twitter party, all about baking!  It was a lot of fun. Then not to be outdone, I baked and decorated over 200 sugar cookies with the kids at school for our Christmas party.

Look at all that color!

Aren't they ridiculously brightly colored? The kids begged me to let them, and I caved.  At home, I have some way cool natural food coloring that I need to try on my maple gingerbread that I never quite got around to icing.  This week I plan to dig them out and decorate them.  What, you never eat gingerbread after Christmas?

I was involved with Kraft Canada's #dessert1st fun over the holidays, where they sent me some products and I baked things up to take to friends and family.  I'm STILL baking things!   Oh sure, you all say that you are into the healthy stuff now that it's January but these are perfect for Valentine's Day or even Easter too!

Chocolate Shortbread

People were SO happy to get these chocolate chunk shortbread.  When I get back to work I'll bring some Oreo Truffles and sea salt caramels to share. 

There was a lot of writing going on for Yummy Mummy Club.  There's an article with 20 Pantry Essentials, another that talks about my frustrations with an adult picky eater, and how to get your teen to eat vegetables.

I'm doing recipes that are exclusive just to the site, so I'll be sending you over to try them out. Here's two for starters...

Sage and Apple Biscuits, biscuits, sage, apple

Sage and Apple Biscuits that are so yummy you'll make them again and again! I love how they have grated apple in them to make them super moist.  Try them split and stuffed with ham and a really good mustard.

turkey chili, turkey, chili

This Turkey and Black Bean Chili is a huge favorite in our house, and even my husband who won't eat anything "weirdly spiced" (aka curry) loves it.  We served it with naan bread, froze it and later had it for lunches, the works.  Plus it has butternut squash, which is a great way to get your kids to eat their veggies.

How was your holiday?  Are you looking forward to lots of things in 2012? 

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