Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Cookies: A Cautionary Tale

Chocolate chip candy cane shortbread, butterfinger truffles, and maple butter tarts are lovingly baked and tucked into the freezer for Christmas.  With only three of us, it seems to make sense to bake ahead because there's no way that we need a pile of treats at Christmas, right? Bake, have some to eat, keep some in the fridge, we're good to go!

I reach my hand into the frosty interior of the fridge and pull out a tupperware that only a week before held three dozen of the most delectable chocolate ganache coated and candy cane sprinkled shortbread.  Wait, it feels light.  Really light.  The lid comes off and there's one lone cookie-a stray really, which was missed when I was coating them with chocolate and carefully sprinkling with crushed candy cane.

A single plain shortbread cookie is at the bottom of the tin.

"You are them ALL? All three dozen?"

"You're going to make more, right?  Those were so good."  Kevin munches his pizza at the dining room table.

Either I need to bake more cookies, or just stop baking at all until December 22nd.

Do your kids eat all your Christmas cookies?

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