Saturday, November 19, 2011

Weekend Bullety List: Pizza is a Vegetable, and Weird Foods on Pinterest

My brain hasn't been able to write much lately, and as I sat and stared at this screen for probably the last hour, between leaving occasionally to tweet or watch You Tube, I came upon this post over at Schmutzie (who, if you don't read, GO.  She's awesome) and decided that perhaps a list will get me going.

I love lists. They are scribbled on bits of paper and shoved in my pocket, only to be put through the laundry or lost in the recesses of my car.   Somehow writing everything down makes me feel comforted in an odd sort of way, as if crossing the things off warrants some sort of reward.

1. I took my car to get snow tires put on it today.  John usually has this job, but because he wasn't feeling well enough, it fell to me.  He warned me sternly that I had to get there early because it's a small place, and since it snowed a whole half inch the other day, people will be scrambling to have their cars readied for winter.  You will be there all day if you aren't first in line when it opens, he said.  When I asked what time I needed to be there, he looked me in the eye and warned,

"You have to be there before 9:00 am.  Which means you must leave this house by 8:00."

Sure enough, I was up early (which is incredibly unusual for me on a Saturday), and arrived at 8: 35, only to find a massive line up and that the place actually opened at 8:00.  Also that there were seven people in line already at 7am.  What, did they Occupy the tire place?

Crazy.  It took a full three and a half hours of waiting before I was finally released with winter tires on the car. At least I'm safe now when I drive to work 5 minutes away.

2. I am still stunned by the ridiculousness of Congress in the USA declaring that pizza is a vegetable because of the tomato sauce on it.  It makes me sad that common sense seems to have a price tag on it, because if you have the cash you can make any ridiculous thing happen.

I'll bet it's not even vegetarian pizza. At dinner this week Kevin kept saying, "I'll take that with a side of pizza.  Make that two! Because you know, pizza is now a vegetable, right?  How stupid ARE people?" 

3.  Tomorrow I'm going to start a little Christmas baking.  I don't usually like to bake too close to Christmas, because Kevin just eats it all and then the holiday arrives and there is nothing left. As I was rifling through some recipes the other day, I found a few that sounded promising and I'd never tried before, so I'll give them a go tomorrow.  Watch Twitter and you'll find out if they were any good.

4.  For the longest time, I haven't been able to find things that I've wanted to cook with close by, but after I finished having my tires done I wandered over to a nearby kitchen shop and looked around.  Oh, wow!  I was really happy to find this place, as it carries things like harissa, middle eastern spices I haven't found anywhere else, sanding sugars, all sorts of cool gadgets, etc.  The only problem is some things are far more expensive than in the city.  At least now, I absolutely know where to find things and may have to drive a little further to shop if I want to find something interesting.  I can finally dig out a pile of recipes I've wanted to try but always thought I couldn't.  Yay!

5.  I'm spending a lot of time on Pinterest, as you may have noticed.  There's a whole kitchen wish list on there, and I'm actually making the recipes that I'm pinning as well.  Pinterest is a little frustrating though, I'm finding that some of my pins have doubles, have disappeared, or the link is gone, which is especially annoying when it's a recipe that you intend to make.   Also, I'm finding that even though pictures may be fantastic, some of the food is not so great.  Cake mixes made with soda?  Can you imagine the chemical composition in that? Is it even FOOD?!  And what on Earth is the obsession with cooking food in jars? A few times I found something and didn't click through, only to read the recipe afterwards and change my mind. 

6.This crazy month is almost over, and I am so grateful.   In December life is going to be a lot slower, which will hopefully keep me from feeling so overwhelmed and exhausted that I can't even look at a computer. 

7. Speaking of Christmas, someone asked me today if I was ready for the holiday.  Ready? Are they insane?  It's still November! I don't start until December!  Besides, we are keeping things very, very simple around here.  The emphasis will be on family and fun, not gifts.  Oh sure, Kevin will get gifts, and there will be stocking stuffers, but I'm not pressuring myself to buy things.  Instead we are going to DO things.  What about you, do you get ready early or do you wait until the last minute?

With that, I'm signing off.  John is watching the end of Lord of the Rings in the next room, and I think it's time for me to go curl up on the couch by the fire and watch Frodo.  At least for a little while.

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