Friday, December 02, 2011

Food Revolution Friday: Not Just a Kitchen

Last week, I made these biscuits with the kids.  I'm learning things about cooking with teenagers, things that I never considered would be an issue. Each week, I learn something new.

Firstly, some of these kids really cook and they are chomping at the bit, man.  They want to make bread, try things that they have never tasted, and get with the program.  I wish, so deeply, that I could make that happen.  For now?  Let's just teach them biscuits.  Here's how you hold a pastry cutter.  Yes, you need little bits of butter in your biscuit dough, so it gets all flaky.  As they cook, I feed them little bits of information; tips and tricks to help with technique, information about their ingredients, and more. 

Secondly, teenagers are easily grossed out. Well, I should be fair-some teens are grossed out.  Hungry teens? They could care less.  While we baked biscuits, they  all wanted to know what buttermilk was, and I will admit that I was a total chicken and didn't really tell them.  Uh, it's kind of a special milk, I said.  Has lots of flavor in it.  WAY better for biscuits.  Fermented milk just would gross them out.

I love watching these guys cook.  I love, more than anything, teaching them how to make something out of what seems like nothing.  More than anything, I love being able to feed them because I know that some of them are hungry every day.  Nothing ever goes to waste, and although what we've made is simple, it makes my heart swell with joy when they take the recipe home with them and we discuss how they can make it better. 

The tiny room with huge windows isn't just a kitchen.

It's freedom.

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