Saturday, November 12, 2011

Food Revolution Friday: Kev and I Visit Santa, and Jamie is coming to Toronto!

This week was a smack down, which left me buried in so much stuff that I could barely get to my blog, much less write anything, until yesterday.  Even so, I spent a lot of time catching up on sleep and laundry!  There was no cooking with kids this week, as Friday was thankfully Remembrance Day, and the schools were closed. Instead I've spent some time in my kitchen catching up on recipes, and I think I've found some really great ones for you, like this braised chicken and beans

What else is going on? 

Jamie Oliver is back in Toronto!  This week you can go see him over at Roy Thomson Hall (go here for tickets) on November 16, where he's going to give a chat about his new book (included with the ticket!) "Jamie Oliver's Food Escapes", and how schools can change their food to healthier options without a lot of cost.   Head over to SoundBoard if you have a question for Jamie, and he'll answer you-right there!

I have yet to convince Jamie to come to Vancouver, but maybe if enough of us suggest it, he'll make his way west, do you think?

Fortunately, a food blogging conference that I had to miss this year because it was way over in Atlanta has come back to the west, and so close to my home that I absolutely CAN'T miss it, is Blogher Food 2012!  Much to my delight the conference is going to be held in Seattle June 8-9, 2012 which is only a quick drive over the border for me!  I'm ecstatic!  Throw in a quick trip to Trader Joe's in Bellingham, and you've got a wonderful weekend in June. 

 Keep an eye out for Yummy Mummy Club, lots of great things are happening over there and I can't wait until it's all live so I can show you the way awesome articles, recipes, and more that I'm helping put together.  There's going to be lots of wonderful content for you to read.

Also, come Monday you'll be finding out how Kevin and I are supporting Food Banks of Canada this holiday season, and how you can get involved too!  Make sure you plan to come to the Roger's Santa Claus Parade on December 4th in downtown Vancouver, where Kevin and I are going to be on hand working with the Vancouver Food Bank Society collecting donations.  The parade is a huge part of their fundraising and we are very excited to be involved!  Over the next few weeks on Food Revolution Friday, I will be profiling different food banks and telling you about a wonderful cause helping to raise money for them this holiday season!

While you are in the giving mood, you can also visit the Pan Pacific hotel on December 7th from 6am-9am for the Vancouver Christmas Wish breakfast, sponsored by the Pan Pacific Hotel, Global BC, and Jack FM.  Benefiting the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau, all you have to do is bring a toy and you'll receive a hot buffet breakfast!  For more details, check out the Pan Pacific's blog.

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