Sunday, October 02, 2011

Confession: I'm Addicted


Photo credit: net_efekt

 I have an addiction.  It's got me clicking away, late at night, looking at things on my iPod and computer screen.

"JUST ONE MORE!" I always say, and then find myself still there an hour later.

Welcome to Pinterest.  Have you seen it?  The basic gist is you get boards, where you "pin" on links/photos of things you like.


Between all the recipes I want to try, the places I want to show you I love, funny sayings, the kitchen items I see that are on my wishlist, there always just seems to be more.  And more.


Follow along to see what I'm drooling over or what fun Halloween items I'm finding, or just to see what I'm up to.  I loooooove Pinterest.  Join up and follow me, then give me a nudge and I'll follow you back!   But the likely story is, if you can't find me around on the Internets?

I'm likely pinning something.

PS... I have a WAY COOL announcement coming tomorrow.  Something so totally awesome, you want to be around to hear it.  Huge.  I'm so excited!

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