Monday, October 17, 2011

Blissdom Canada: Yes, I Really Ate Duck Tongue

There is always so much happening at Blissdom that it's hard to keep up considering the lack of sleep, the excitement, the time change, etc.that although I had great intentions to write every day, I found myself crawling back to my hotel room and into bed each night. 

Kelloggs made sure we were off to a roaring start, thanks to a good breakfast.Cereal, fruit, muffins, cheese, all my favorites!  I have to tell you, this conference had the best food of any conference I have attended.


Aimee from Simple Bites and I were the tribe leaders for Food Bloggers, and this year was so much different than last, where at one point I found myself sitting at the table on my own.  Our tables had lots of people, all asking questions and we easily could have chatted for another 45 minutes.She even brought cinnamon marshmallows (YUM) and cookies!  I wanted to bring food too, but I wasn't sure the cookies would survive the flight.

The sponsors were amazing-I loved chatting with Suzanne from Young Drivers of Canada who remembered me from last year, and the girls from Kraft who dressed up as kitchen fairies just for me! Now that's dedication!  I've promised Suzanne a how to video on making cookies-from mixing the batter to the actual baking.

Kraft Canada suite

 In the Kraft Canada suite, all decked up for Halloween.  I'm not really sure who that is in the photo.

The sessions were really good!  I was there for inspiration, and I did find some but along the way scored a really great recipe for maple vinegar from Aiden AND some SEO tips.  Whee!

Aimee invited me to join a bunch of them to go to Luma, a restaurant not far from the hotel.  It was fun getting to know some of the food blogging community because I haven't had the chance to do that before.  Part way through the meal Chef Jason Bangerter brought us a plate of wonderful appies-things that I possibly would've never eaten normally, but hey-I'll try anything once! Even duck tongue!  (it was actually really good).  Lots of conversation later, Julie and I made our way back to the hotel and slipped into a screening of Miss Representation.

Honestly, I'm still pretty tired from the trip and there is so much I'd like to add but my brain is refusing to put coherant sentences together.  What is coming soon?

-I meet someone famous and i have no clue who they are, so I make a fool of myself trying to figure it out.
-I attend a costume party, and there's a funny situation
-my trek back home is almost thwarted by the Toronto Marathon

Stick around! Lots more to come.

Disclosure:  My trip to Blissdom Canada was sponsored by Paper Chef and Chicken Farmers of Canada.  They paid for my flight, hotel and transfers, and in exchange I am writing articles and recipes for them.  Make sure to drop by their sites to check out their recipes!

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