Thursday, October 20, 2011

Blissdom Canada: Food, Jordan Knight, and Embarressing Your Teen on Twitter

With Blissdom Canada 2011 being my third conference in the last year, I think I've begun to learn a thing or two.  First of all, I love the small moments that I carve out with other bloggers.  Whether it's breakfast at the Senator Cafe with Emma and Karen, dinner with Loralee, or out for more gourmet offerings with Evan, Sweetopia, Aimee and Danny, Family Bites and Julie, I have had the opportunity to share meals with amazing people all over the place.

I have to giggle that the most meaningful things for me about these conferences besides the sessions are (hello?) the food. I think it's because it's more than food though, but instead a little quiet time to connect with people.

By the way, you must go check all these people out-and I can't forget a late night dinner down on Spadina, where I walked eight blocks in torrential rain, only to duck into a random Shopper's Drug Mart to buy an umbrella and dry off a bit.  The first restaurant didn't have room, so Jen, Yukari, Alexis, Janice, and I wandered off to another.  I must say it was the best random restaurant pick I've had in a long time-delicious! (will hunt down the link later. Can't find it!)

Blissdom was so much fun.  The sessions were good, the connections were great, and by the end I was ready for a bit of a break, and then the costume party.   Surely nothing wild and crazy would happen then, right?


First of all, I had a great dinner out with Marci, Commonsense Mom (I think? I need a link. GAH), and Gail.  I knew I'd seen Gail before but couldn't place her, and it bugged me so I began to quiz here.  Last year's Blissdom maybe?  Blogher?  The other ladies were giggling while I wracked my brain until someone finally said, "um...maybe on TV?" And then I remembered.  I've been watching Gail on "Until Debt Do Us Part" before, and I loved her.  In person she's just as lovely.

So, back to something I've learned.  The second thing is that  I hate costume parties.  That's not Blissdom's fault, I've always been a reluctant costume wearer.    My costume this year was supposed to be something like bad 80s prom queen, but the only dress I could find was a little interesting. I also forgot as I tweeted about men hitting on me in the elevator, and my cleavage being a little more on display in the dress than I'm comfortable with, only to have my 15 year old to tweet back from clear across the country, 



Me: "But your Dad said it was okay!"

Kev:  "Of course he did.  He's a GUY."

Photo by CLBuchanan

Then Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block arrived at the party-I really had no intention of a picture, but Mara convinced me to join her.  How could I say no?  I think he thought we were crazy.  I also just noticed that in all the other pictures all the women are standing quite close to him, whereas I'm all "okay dude, I'm way over here and not moving."


Photo by CLBuchanan

By the time the night was over, I was packed and ready to go. Or was I? The travel Gods frowned on my fun and decided to smite me with no Starbucks, a marathon starting in front of the hotel, and a constantly changing stop for my transit to the airport. Did I make my flight? And who did I meet on the plane?

The adventure sure wasn't over.

Disclosure: My trip to Blissdom Canada was sponsored by the absolutely amazing Paper Chef and Chicken Farmers of Canada, who covered the cost of my airfare and hotel. Since we eat enough chicken to consider having our own small farm as well as use Paper Chef products all the time, it seemed logical! Plus they are awesome companies. Drop by their sites and check out their recipes!

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