Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blissdom Canada 2011: Day One

(My trip to Blissdom Canada has been sponsored by the amazing Chicken Farmers of Canada and Paper Chef! Make sure to check out their sites for great recipes, cooking tips, and meal ideas!)

If you are going to a conference, I highly recommend that you go a day early.  Unlike previous conferences that are crazy, head spinning, non-stop action from the second you land, I actually feel like I've had time to relax this time.

I arrived at the hotel sometime around 5 pm Toronto time, and soon found myself trekking in the pouring rain 8 blocks to meet people for dinner.  A little rain? We West Coasters are used to a little rain, right? No rain is stopping me.

Seriously, I only made it a few blocks before I ducked into a random Shoppers Drug Mart and bought an umbrella because people, it was monsoon rain out there.  We did eventually make it to a restaurant, which was absolutely delicious by the way.  I highly recommend it, but don't have the website handy-will get it tomorrow!)

This morning Alexis and I stopped at Starbucks for breakfast before trekking through the city and exploring the fashion district, peeking at the shops and checking out the banks in the financial district.  People, the CIBC here is massive.  So massive you could fit the entire branch back home in the lobby. THREE times at LEAST.

Of course, we found a cheese shop.  With cheese from a cave.

Cave Aged Cheese

do you think it's really aged in a cave?

Hmm...what else did we see?

Old House in downtown Toronto

Really cool houses!

Subway Sign Downtown Toronto

High rises and subway stations, too.

Historic Campbell House

historical places to explore

Toronto really is a great city, and now I think I have more of a feel for it. After a meeting with Yummy Mummy Club where I met all my fellow writers, it was off to the CBC building to mingle!

If you'd like to see more of my photos of the historic Campbell House on Queen Street, see my flickr feed to take a look.  I couldn't believe the kitchen-it was amazing, and you could still smell the smoke!

What's up for tomorrow?  I'm food blogging tribe leader, sessions, an amazing lunch (dinner too!), meet up with Mabel's Labels, and then a movie screening.  Also, have you seen that you can win a YEAR's worth of parchment paper products from Paper Chef?  The giveaway only lasts this weekend, so make sure to throw your name in the hat! (just scroll down)

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