Thursday, September 29, 2011

Food Revolution Friday: Rate Your School's Lunch-and More!

The other day I found video of Jamie Oliver's speech at One Young World, and thought for those of you who missed it may enjoy watching.  I know I did.

Food Revolution has gone global, with the goal of getting one million people to sign the petition to keep cooking skills alive world wide.  Participate in the Food Revolution Community on Facebook by cooking along with the theme of the week and posting your photos on the Facebook page for all to see.  (This week's theme: Vegetarian!)  I put my my Vegetarian Curry recipe, which you all have to try sometime.  I absolutely love it, and with the fall veggies around right now it makes an economical meal as well. You can even upload pictures of school lunch and then vote on the best and worst school lunches!

So as I told you all, I'm now cooking with teens every Friday.  It's an adventure! 

Last week at school we made quesidillas.   I brought cilantro and hot thai peppers (as a nod to Jamie, LOL!) and encouraged the kids to try them.  Not ONE of the kids tried the cilantro, but one was brave and made his own salsa to go with his quesidilla, using a hot pepper.  I gave the spiel about washing your hands after and not touching eyes, noses, etc. but he forgot!  Oops.  I doubt he'll ever forget that again. We talked about what cilantro is, and they all were very curious-but they all knew exactly how they wanted their quesidilla to taste, too.

I also found a great recipe for home made taco seasoning from Annie's Eats, which I stirred together and encouraged the kids to try to spice up their meat.  They loved it!  It was great to be able to show them that they don't need to use something from a packet to give their food flavor. 

In the greenhouse we have planted kale, swiss chard, spinach, salad greens, and I'm bringing seeds for herbs.  Hopefully the kids will have more success with the plants than I do-as most of you know, I tend to kill plants.  Yes, it's a curse. I'm excited about growing things that we can use in the cooking program.  Will they eat kale chips?  Maybe.  Maybe not!

What's on the menu this Friday?  A potato gratin dish that they can load up with veggies, and cook in their own individual container.  YUM!  I'll take some pictures to show you their creations!

If you want to see what I've been up to in my kitchen or what I'm planning, check out my Pinterest Food Board.    Lots of yummy goings on over there!  Also, I may not be writing meal plans anymore, but I HAVE launched Tasty Five, a collection of five delicious things from around the internet, from food to things I'm doing, and a bonus recipe at the end!  This week's highlight is a delicious maple blackberry compote that is divine on Greek yogurt, pancakes, or just eaten by the spoonful.  But how else could you pass it up when there are things from the Sweet Potato Chronicles, Recipe Girl, Eat Live Travel Write, Eating Rules, and Two Peas and Their Pod?  It's impossible.  GO.  Look.  Try not to drool on the screen.

Happy Friday! 

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