Monday, September 12, 2011

Deep End


Photo by Frenkieb

School is started, which means back to work for me. There's a new school this year-smaller, closer to home, still with teenagers.

"So, what other talents do you have?" the other staff asked at our meeting last week.

"Um, well, I DO run a food blog...." I chewed my lip. I don't usually mention this place but somehow it seemed appropriate.

"GREAT! We have this cooking program you might want to do...."

The kids generally like everything fun, sugary, and junk food. They apparently don't like anything healthy. I had neglected to mention my work with Food Revolution, and now I'm looking at the class list and thinking Oh my LORD what have I gotten myself into?

There's 45 minutes once a week to come up with something fast, cheap, familiar, and practical that they will cook and hopefully eat, then cook once a month for their families. Some kids have taken a culinary arts program. Some didn't know what cantaloupe was until last year. Some probably won't set foot in the kitchen. I have fifteen reluctant students who really do not like anything that is remotely healthy, and who nibble on candy and pop at 9 am.

If I ever preached about Food Revolution to you before, I'm now getting my comeuppance on any time I've ever been even slightly elitist about food. It is entirely one thing to write about Food Revolution and encourage you all to cook healthy, but now I've just been handed the opportunity in the form of a tiny kitchen, makeshift greenhouse, and a bunch of young people to teach.

I've just now been thrown into the deep end without a life jacket.

Shall we see if I can swim?

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