Sunday, August 14, 2011

Traverse Trip: Sugar Rush

Our last day of Traverse Trip was full of shopping and food. First, we just had to go out for breakfast because, why not? After a trip full of hotel breakfasts, we had to go out for another really good one on the way home.

Bread and Ink Cafe

The Bread and Ink Cafe won by popular vote. Everyone else had omelets. I admit I was a little tired of eggs after eating so many hotel breakfasts, so I had French Toast. As we waited for the food, we had fun with cameras. Yes, I'm a nerd and wear sunglasses over my regular glasses. Maybe it's time for prescription sunglasses?


Photo by Tracey Rossignol

My French toast arrived and oh my, was it delicious looking. The bread is made in house, and topped with real maple syrup, it was delicious. I couldn't eat it all either.

French Toast with Maple Syrup

There was shopping, and then Tracey chose to introduce me to Voodoo Doughnuts. I had never heard of this place, but Tracey said it was famous so we just had to visit.

Getting some Voodoo.

The line was long, but it was twice as long by the time we actually made it into the shop. And the menu? What's an old dirty bastard? I should have checked out the site and actually knew my doughnuts before I hit the line. I wanted to get Kevin a t-shirt, but unfortunately they were out of the ones I wanted and the staff just couldn't convince me to get a 15 year old a shirt that says, "The Magic is in the Hole." I can just imagine if he wore THAT to school.

Tracey with her Voodoo Donuts!

Instead I bought a Portland cream and a chocolate chocolate, which I took home for Kevin. Hey, you all know that I like real food but you can't be healthy all the time, right? I love doughnuts. Good things really do come in pink boxes. Tracey got herself a maple bacon doughnut, but even I wasn't that adventurous.

I'm a little tired of bacon. America puts bacon on everything.


Photo by Tracey Rossignol

Of course, these guys needed photos to prove that I do occasionally eat junk. That doughnut was the size of my FACE, if you can believe it. Alexis and I shared half, and then I packed it up and forgot about it.

That is, until the next day when I was in a ferry line to get home.

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