Monday, August 08, 2011

Traverse Trip: Tourist Immunity

By now, everyone on the Traverse Trip knows that I am directionally challenged, and we have switched from my hand written directions to GPS or maps. It's early morning, and we pull out of the Hampton armed with coffee cups, ready to tackle the highways of California and make our way home.

"Let's use On Star this time," I suggest as I push the button. it's collectively agreed that On Star will know exactly where we need to go, and as we wait, someone answers the line on the other end.

"I'd like the closest Starbucks, please,"

The girl pauses. "Um, there's one about 5 miles away. (she gives an address)."

"Wait," I fumble with the folder at my feet and pull out a piece of paper, because I'm positive that there was one closer than that. My directions may be bad, but I know this. I remember. "Isn't there one on Longport Court?"

There is a pause as the On Star operator considers this information, while everyone in the car holds their breath, not really sure if I am actually accurate this time, or if On Star will win.

Suddenly, Alexis begins to giggle.

"Uh, guys? The Starbucks is RIGHT THERE."

We look up, and there are green umbrellas like a oasis in the coffee less desert.

Directly across the street.

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