Friday, August 05, 2011

Traverse Trip Day 3: We have arrived at BlogHer 11!

Downtown SanDiego

Today my travel companions had a taste of why I am named Scatteredmom. On our way to find a Starbucks, I had them turn right instead of left.

Wait, I meant left. I think.

We drove, we pulled into a random shopping center and asked directions, drove some more, and then circled a parking lot.

Still, no Starbucks. Desperate times call for desperate measures though, right? There is coffee at stake and we must drive through LA traffic.

The Starbucks, mostly obscured by trees, was across the parking lot.

Later on at the Canadian Embassy party I told the story to Adria, who is THE lovely lady responsible for sending us on our trip with the Traverse. The conversation kind of went like this.

Adria: "You know, you could have just used On Star, right?"
Me: "We have On Star?"
Adria: "Yes, you just press the blue button and say that you want the directions to the nearest Starbucks."


Welcome to the big city, girls.

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