Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Traverse Trip Day 2: The Big Cheese

Yesterday, our adventure started with pedicures. Alexis had been talking about pedicures and convinced me that before we go to BlogHer, we need to have pretty sparkly toes. Before I knew it, I was following her in flip flops to a downtown salon to have my toes beautified.


You start with this way awesome foot bath. I had never had a pedicure before. Alexis chatted and tweeted, while I desperately tried to listen to her to keep my mind off the fact that a person is touching my feet and I just may involuntarily kick them because my FEET ARE TICKLISH.

Today we were up at 5 am, beautified toes and all, picked up Nicole and Tracey, and made for the border. 80s music was loudly played, there was singing involved, and Alexis quickly was named the Road Warrior as she deftly navigated us through Washington state.

She was so stealthy we didn't even notice from the backseat that we'd already passed into Oregon. In fact she likely would've driven all the way to Central Point Oregon if we didn't insist that she stop and rest.

We quickly raised her to driving NINJA status and fed her pieces of amazing cheese.

We're off!

I had no idea that you could actually take cheese across the border, and we couldn't get over how cheap and amazing the really good cheese was at the store. Sure, I brought a ton of chocolate to get us through the day but who needs that when you have brie? And really great olives, with pillowy garlic naan bread? Our day wasn't without adventure. I had my shoes off and somehow caught my big toe in the track of the seat, cutting it quite nicely. I didn't even notice until my foot felt wet.

Toes bleed a lot, it seems. With four women in the car we were prepared for anything (I swear, we could put McGyver to shame) and before long I was patched up with a bandaid. All this talk about packing light, and the very two things I UNpacked in the name of packing light were cute shoes to show my toes, and bandaids.

I'm going to be the girl with the manicured toes and the big bandaid.

We didn't eat out once today aside from a Starbucks stop. After we arrived, we decided to eat from the food that we bought rather than visit the restaurant next door.

Dinner was laid out on a table in our hotel-bits and pieces of things here and there, just to be noshed on and enjoyed. We found a guacamole kit, or rather, a container with all the fresh stuff we'd need to make a guacamole, and so I peeled and chopped, mashed and stirred, until we had something worthy of our chips. More naan, garlicky hummus, olives, fruit, veggies, and we were set.


It was delicious.

What are the girls up to?

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Disclosure: General Motors Canada has loaned Nicole, Tracey, Alexis and I a 2011 Chevy Traverse to drive to BlogHer and back, and have paid for our hotels and gas for the trip. I paid for my Blog Her ticket myself. Everything Mom sponsored the cost of my hotel at BlogHer, and Toshiba lent me this cute (albeit, a little slow) netbook to take with me and review. I am paying for the cost of my ticket to Blogher, and Starbucks visits along the way.

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